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Let's walk the dogs - Honeybourne

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There's something very satisfying about a walk that's completely flat, but you can see the start of the Cotswold edge quite close by.

We start by getting the dogs limbered up with a mad dash on a long disused airfield, and now doggy ideal. Then we head off to the start of the Cotswold hills, turn round before we need to climb anything and then cross some fields and a bit of woodland before arriving in a cutesy village of thatched cottages. We take a circular nose around the village (several houses for sale in Feb 2014) and then return to Honeybourne for a well-deserved lunch at the 13th century pub. (All the pubs around here seem to be 13th century btw!)

Total walk length is 6.5 miles, and most of the fields are arable. There may be cows in one field and a couple of horses in another field. Electric fences were up in Feb 2014 and we felt very brave! A bit of roadwalking at the start and finish between the pub and the footpath.

The pub is lovely, menus and details are here:


  • Tanya

    The kid took his revenge for turning off his TV!!!

    4 years ago
  • Lezli

    HELP !!! One of my walking boots went missing from just outside the pub door. If you happened to see a stray boot in the car park or anywhere, please could you let me know so that the landlady can rescue it.

    4 years ago
  • Former member

    Former member

    We had a fantastic walk and can't believe we managed to dodge the hail storms!! Thank you everyone for your company. We are already looking forward to our next one in a couple of weeks time.

    4 years ago