Bee Keeping Experience


Join Explorer Chick for a Private and Exclusive Women-Only Bee Keeping Experience in Chicago!

Why are the Bee’s in the news so often? What is Colony Collapse Disorder, and what can we do about it? Learn why bees matter and why it’s so important to support those who are keeping their bees responsibly! Topics may vary, but the passion for discussion will always “bee” present. 🐝

Are you interested in beekeeping as a hobby, or because your Grandpa once kept bees when you were growing up? Do you just want to do your share to 💛 help the honey bees to survive and thrive, this course will help you get started on your new adventure as a beekeeper! Honeybees have evolved with humans for centuries and at this time they are in peril and need your help!

You will start by meeting with fellow Explorer Chicks at the Urban Garden. This Garden was created in 2014 when the property was bought on the northwest side of Chicago to keep honeybees. Once you arrive, you will experience firsthand how it feels to be inside an apiary! You will learn about the extraordinary life of the honeybee. Before heading into the apiary, you will suit up with your protective head veil. The beekeeper will gently wisp smoke from white sage over the beehives and around the participants. This ritual has a calming effect on the already docile bees and promotes a deeper state of peacefulness.

You will see the working hives up close and in great detail. The apiarist demonstrates how the bees harmoniously work together throughout the honey making process. You will learn how a hive is created, how bees choose a new queen, how honey is made, and much more!

This experience will conclude with a sampling of local small-batch honey and other kinds of honey from around the world! 🌎 Because our brain is so intricately involved in how we think and feel, it makes sense that when you fully taste the honey, you must use all five of the body’s senses. Like wine, each honey has its own terroir that reflects the environment of the hive it comes from. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge of the needs of the sweet Honeybee and what it takes to ensure they will be around for the years to come! 🍯

Adventure Highlights:
• Experience firsthand how it feels to be inside an apiary
• Understand the science of honeybees
• Implement the best practices of experienced beekeepers
• Understand bee biology and behavior
• Use typical beekeeping clothing and equipment
• Identify and treat common bee pests and diseases
• Outline various bee products you and your bees can make
• Understand pollination and the role bees play in it
• Receive a sampling of local small-batch honey and other kinds of honey from around the world
• Exclusive and Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only event. Enjoy more fun She-Nanigans with an encouraging and supportive group of Bold women!

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