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Hike all of Norway’s best trails in the mountains and above the Fjords with our 10 Day, Women Only, Small Group Hiking Adventure Tour in Norway.

Norway is every avid hiker’s dream world with glaciated peaks, exposed trails with panoramic views, roaring waterfalls, fairy tale scenery, and dramatic cliffs plunging into deep fjords!

This hiking tour has been carefully curated and “in the field” tested to include only the best hikes in Norway. Everyday you will be immersed in spectacular beauty!

In the mountains, you’ll hike high above a waterfall to a small farm for a rustic farm-to-table picnic. You’ll trek cabin to cabin in the “Home of Giants” enjoying the tranquility of Jotunheimen National Park. You’ll hike through the Black Valley surrounded by towering peaks steeped in all the drama of Norwegian mountaineering history. You’ll hesitantly look over the edge of Besseggen Ridge and down 2,300 feet to the turquoise lake below as you scramble your way up. You’ll enjoy the warm welcome of gracious Mountain Cabin hosts and cozy fireplaces.

Once in the Fjords, you’ll strap on crampons, grab an ice axe, and rope up with the rest of the group to explore Norway’s third largest glacier (Don’t worry! You’ll learn how to use your equipment!). You’ll spend a long, challenging day hiking up to Trolltunga, but stepping out onto the narrow ledge surrounded by the vastness is worth it! You’ll enjoy a picnic dinner on the famous Pulpit Rock just as the sun is setting. You’ll call upon all of your bravery to step out onto the Kjerag Boulder that remains wedged 3,300 feet above the fjords.

Not only will you play in the outdoors like a Norwegian, but you’ll dine like one too! Norwegians pride themselves in serving local foods – prepared according to traditional recipes and inspired by international cuisine. Meals are made from ingredients found in the area. Reindeer, anyone? Feast upon berries gathered from the forests and garden vegetables grown organically. Sourcing local reduces the impact of pollution from transportation while also providing fresh, healthy ingredients. Oh, and the butter! This is something we can sink our teeth into!

Your nights will be mostly spent in traditional, Norwegian Mountain Cabins and tourist hotels. You’ll be engulfed in the atmosphere, community, and tradition of Norwegian hospitality. You’ll be traveling, not touring, in Norway!

• Snap your Glamour Shot from Trolltunga hovering 2,300 feet high over the lake
• Fall in love with the backcountry of Norway hiking cabin to cabin in Jotunheimen National Park
• Test your wit scrambling up Besseggen Ridge – One of National Geographic’s Top 20 Hikes
• Stare in awe up at the towering peaks of Norway’s tallest mountains capped with glaciers
• Enjoy the rustic charm of a farm nestled high above a waterfall while eating a freshly prepared lunch
• Strap on crampons and a helmet, grab an ice axe, and rope up with our group to trek across a glacier
• Catch an unforgettable sunset over the fjord from Pulpit Rock
• Dare to walk out onto Kjerag Boulder resting in a mountain crevasse 3,300 feet above the water
• Dine like a Viking feasting on local food possibly including reindeer, moose, sheep, and lots of butter
• Kick off your dirty hiking boots in the warmth of traditional Norwegian Mountain Cabins and Hotels
• Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes the logistics of arrival, departure, and everything between easy
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