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這是一個群體,其首要目的是培訓在武術格鬥中變得強大的人。 我們將在防禦和進攻中各方面的技法進行自我訓練。這小組的培訓目的是使您在這段黑暗可笑的時期內開避危險,營救手足並伸張正義並製服邪惡。 五項要求,一個都不可少! 起義! 是時間反擊!!! 香港人!

這也是一群對羽毛球感興趣的人。 成員還可以通過培訓班發展一定水平的技能,速度,自信心,心理和身體健康。 此外,我們將組建團隊,以促進不同類型遊戲的團隊合作精神和友誼。 我和一些志願者希望在您為我們的主耶穌基督服務時為您服務。

我們希望您能加入我們的社區。 期待與所有熱情探索培訓。

This is a group of people who are firstly motivated to become strong in combat of martial arts. We will train ourselves in the art of defence and offence. The training purpose of this group is to equip you evade danger, rescue colleagues and make justice and subdue evils in this ridiculous period of time. Five demands and not one less! Revolt and time to pay back!!! Hong Kongers!

This is also a group of people who are secondly interested in badminton. Members could also develop certain level of skills, speed, confidence, mental and physical wellness through training classes. Also, we would build teams to promote team spirit and friendship for different type of games. I and some volunteers hope to serve you as we serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We would love to have you to join our community. Looking forward to exploring the training with all the passionate.

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