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We are London based hikers who enjoy exploring the pretty countryside of South East England

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Welcome to Explorer UK, based in London, taking you away on day trips hiking through the pretty countryside of South East England and weekends away across the UK.

Who We Are: Explorer UK is based in London and has membership from the UK and all around the world. Many Explorers live locally or are here for work or study and want to get out of town for some hiking with new people and new friends. We have members of all different ages from their 20s to their 70s, all are very welcome. Your organisers, Tom, Louise and Mark, have enjoyed hiking and the outdoors all their lives, now we want to share this with you.


What We Do

Day Trips: We usually meet on a Saturday morning at a London train station before heading out into the countryside for a days walk together before getting the train back into town in the early evening. Our walks are typically around 10 miles in length and we like to have a good mix of hills and valleys and woods and rivers, usually with a castle, a windmill or a hilltop beacon to enjoy along the way. At the end of the hike we have the option of going for a drink or a meal together in a local pub near to the train station, you don't have to come to the pub but it's a great way to finish off the day by relaxing and chatting to new friends before heading home.

Weekends Away: As well as the South East we also organise hiking trip weekends across the UK. We are big fans of the Peak District and other National Parks and have some super little adventure breaks planned to historic English cities too. All of our weekends are based around hiking with some activity options available, as well as going out for dinner together on the Saturday night. Usually we travel out from London after work on the Friday and come back on the Sunday afternoon. In general you buy your train ticket and get to the hostel but after that we look after you - so you don't need a car to come with us. People really enjoy our weekends - have a look at the comments sections on previous trips - hopefully you will too!

Socialising: All of our hikes are a great chance to meet new people and make new friends. We are a relaxed group and there is plenty of space to breathe the air, enjoy the views and then chat to the others as the mood takes you. Many people come on their own and we make sure everyone is welcome, others like to bring a friend as their guest. It’s up to you. Most of our walks have a pub stop in the middle and we always have a chance to go for a meal and a drink together at the end.

Exploring: There’s so much to see and do and lots of it is not too far outside London. Come along and discover The North and South Downs Way, Arundel Castle, The Otford Solar System, The Angel on the Bridge, The River Thames, The Shivering Mountain, The Chiltern Hills, Beachy Head Cliffs, Jack and Jill, Gallows Down and much more. We’ve been to lots of places, now we want to take you too. Come along and have fun!

Safety: Tom is a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader (MLTE). Mark is qualified Mountain Leader (MLTE). Both hold current Outdoor First Aid certificates. All of the hikes we take you on have been tried out before to make sure they are suitable and we aim to minimise risk through careful planning, good organisation, experience and skill. We take your safety seriously and have a risk policy published under our terms and conditions.



Can I come on my own? Yes, most people do although you are welcome to bring a friend or sign up a guest. We make sure everyone is very welcome and there will be lots of people to talk to as you are going along.

What are the costs? We keep our costs simple and there are no hidden things to pay for. Typically you will pay a £5 organiser fee for a day hike securely on PayPal through the Meetup site. Please note we don’t do refunds unless the walk is cancelled.

What should I wear? We ask you to wear sensible walking clothes and shoes, preferably hiking boots, taking into account the weather forecast and time of year. This normally includes a waterproof. The terrain may be uneven or slippery and therefore fashion boots, shoes or boots with heels, smooth leather soles, fashion trainers or plimsoles are NOT suitable (This list is not exhaustive).

What should I bring? On most of our walks we ask you to bring a packed lunch or buy a sandwich at the station before we set off. Always bring water, we suggest one litre. You may also need to bring sunscreen, a hat and/or waterproofs depending on weather forecast/season. A day-sack (rucksack) to carry your lunch and you may like to bring a camera and some money to buy a drink or a meal in the pub at the end.

How fit do you need to be? We are not one of the fastest hiking groups but you do need a reasonable level of fitness to complete the length of walk (usually around 10 miles) and remember there will be some hills along the way.

Is this an established, trustworthy, hiking group? Yes. We have been going strong since December 2011 and currently have nearly 16,000 members. But don't take our word for it. Check out individual walk reviews or a group review to see what other Explorers thought.

Will I enjoy the hike and have fun? We certainly hope so! Why not check out some of our reviews to see what a good time people have.

Hope to see you on a hike soon, best wishes

Tom and Louise

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St Martha's Hill and The River Wey, 10 Mile North Downs Hike

London Waterloo Railway Station


Join us for a beautiful 10 mile hike through the Surrey Hills. Our circular route takes in a lovely riverside walk before climbing St Martha's Hill to enjoy the views from the top. We then loop round through North Downs countryside and find our way back to the river again. Come along for great scenery, some fresh air, good company and a chance to stretch your legs.

St Martha's Church at the top of the hill dates from the 12th Century and was rebuilt in 1848 paying homage to its earlier Norman features. It is sited on The Pilgrims Way (itself a more recent name for a 3,000 year old pathway linking the English Channel with Stonehenge) and is only accessible by foot.

In More Detail;

Meet at 10:00 by the ticket office inside Waterloo Railway Station. Tom will be there a bit early and will be stood at the ticket office in his Explorer UK green hoodie.

It is a picnic lunch so make sure you buy a sandwich or bring a pack-up. Also remember you need water and possibly a waterproof. There is a pub for good food and a drink if you like at the end.

Trains back are twice per hour and direct. I can't be sure what time we will be back into London as it depends on the speed of the group on the day, probably best to be flexible and don't make too many plans - just enjoy your day out hiking!


The Trip Cost for your guided day hike is £5 - this does not include your train fare which at full price will be £19.10 on an off peak day return from London Waterloo to Guildford. Many people have rail cards which bring the ticket cost down but you will also group together with fellow Explorers at the station and should buy group saver tickets at a third off the full price (therefore approx £12.50).

The trip cost is non refundable.

Things To Bring:

Picnic lunch, water, suitable shoes and clothing including waterproof, your camera, some money for food and drink if you would like to stop in the pub at the end.


Please note there are risks associated with all outdoor activity, this is a ten mile hike and although we are not one of the fast groups we ask that you are reasonably fit and have suitable clothing and footwear for the walk. The terrain may be uneven or slippery and therefore fashion boots, shoes or boots with heels, smooth leather soles, fashion trainers or plimsoles are NOT suitable. (This list is not exhaustive). You should be capable of walking at 2.5 miles per hour and in general seek to stay with the main group. Also please avoid doing anything that would put you or other members of the group in danger. If you have a pre-existing medical condition please seek appropriate medical advice before joining and ensure you have brought any personal medication. If bringing a guest please ensure that they have read this notice and walk description before they agree to come. This walk is not suitable for children or pet dogs.

I will post a weather forecast the night before

Hope you can come

Best wishes


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