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What we're about

This secular group is intended as a safe space to explore and share our thoughts, feelings, intuitions and experiences surrounding awakening, reason and emotional healing; especially the intersections between these three inner forces. It is an open invitation to see and be seen in this dawning synthesis between the modern and the spiritual, meeting as fellow explorers of life beyond the pale. It seeks to create an atmosphere that is casual, spontaneous, creative, and supportive. The formats will include: presentations with discussion, open discussion, themed discussion, viewing and reflection on videos and literature; and potentially, short group meditations, pub-nights and day-hikes. Some examples of prototypical Rational Mystics would include:

Shinzen Young
Sam Harris
Ken Wilber
Jason Silva
Jordan Peterson
Tim Freke
Robert Augustus Masters
Daniel Ingram

All of these people are excellent and have videos on YouTube if you would like to check them out.

This group has been created because the three forces of:

-Awakening/Mystical Experience
-Emotional Healing/Shadow-Work

have a strong tendency to avoid one another with great stubbornness and almost intentional precision. As a person includes each within the purview of their consciousness, groups that can resonate broadly enough unfortunately thin out. This need not be the case, and with a world-culture that is increasingly splintered—integration is an imperative. My hopes are that this group can be an organic source of connection in whatever way is needed.

Topics likely to be discussed:

Metaphorical Truth
The Unconscious
Altered States of Consciousness
Negative and Positive Emotions
The Inner Child
Defense Mechanisms
Fear and Hope
Relevant Technology
and anything fun, interesting and relevant….

Topics likely to be avoided:

Literalistic Interpretations of:
New Age Philosophies
Quantum Mechanics
Religious Myth
Holistic Medicine
The Supernatural

****However, exploring the metaphorical value, evolutionary impetus, contribution to well-being, and rational/scientific viewpoint on these topics is part of the purpose of this group.

For example: reincarnation has a likely equivalent in the discovery of sub-personalities during contemplative practice. Sub-personalities or other plausible conjectures that fit within a rational framework, even if stretching it a bit, would be acceptable. If this is unacceptable to you, all love, but this is not the group for you.

You will likely enjoy this group if:

—you've ever had a deep shift in consciousness, spontaneously or via any means, that was beyond your worldview at the time; OR feel drawn towards such things.
—you see no reason why science and philosophy can't meaningfully contribute, challenge and be challenged by spirituality.
—you find the unknown exciting and ambiguity tolerable.
—you can work with early-life trauma and find it meaningful (this is not a therapy group, but a discussion group including it. I am not a therapist).
—you feel thoughts, feelings and mind in general, are unique forms of reality, and not merely illusions.

You will likely NOT enjoy this group if:

—you think awakening is certainly psycho-pathology, offensive or even presumptuous.
—you are traditionally religious in any serious way, including eastern religions.
—you find the unknown dangerous and ambiguity unbearable.
—you think early-life trauma in no way impairs later functioning or are in any way reactive to it.
—you feel all thoughts, feelings and mind in general, are only illusions.

Welcome to the exploration of Heart, Mind and Being.

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