What we're about

Who are we, where is our experience coming from, what does it all mean?
Exploring and finding our true self, a meet up discussing life the universe and everything.
We can go as deep as you like- where our discussions lead is anyone’s guess but one of my favourite things is staying in that space and seeing where it takes us.
All welcome to the Goosebarn-cosy warm space perfect for getting together ✨🙏

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Wild voice an invitation to play

Needs a location

The Wild Voice Invites you to play! Come and explore the aliveness in your voice and body. Enjoy the freedom of expression which can come from relaxing into your authentic self. Experiment with a wide range of sounds and rhythms. You will learn techniques and exercises to help you fully explore your vocal palette, gently relaxing and enlivening voice, breath, body and soul and helping to nurture the places of resistance. Attention will be given to listening to ourselves, each other and the stillness between the sounds. We will play with sound and rhythm games and have fun creating group soundscapes. You will be encouraged and supported to embody the power of your natural voice in a safe, supportive environment. No previous experience necessary.. "A great adventure to explore oneself through voice." ’‘During the workshop, we participants went beyond our limits, just to realise there aren't any." "I never thought I'd end up performing and letting rip the way I did." £50 including lunch, £40 if booked by 28 February. About Val: I have facilitated groups creatively and spiritually for 30 years. I am a performer, Jazz singer, Sound Healer, Voice facilitator and Shamanic practitioner. I am passionate about supporting people to access and develop their natural voices by freeing up both body and voice to unleash the full range of power within.

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Exploring consciousness and our true self

Needs a location