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Food as Love: potluck and discussion
There are only two acts where we take that of someone else into ourselves for pleasure and and connection: eating and sex. It's no wonder that they are so closely entwined in our collective minds. Some families feed each other instead of saying that they love each other; some people feed themselves to fill an emotional gap...and some people just love food. Let's have a potluck--bring your favorite food--and conversation. How are food and love linked for you? Please suggest dates and locations that would work for you.

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    The Eros meetup is for individuals...single or in some form of relationship(s)... interested in sharing and learning about love, sexuality, men and women, relationships and the ecstatic.....creating more connection and capacity for enjoyment. This group will be exploring a wide range of topics both in the personal and the broader social and cultural contexts. All denominations, orientations and lifestyles are welcome.

    This meetup is one of the local pathways groups of The Ollin Institute ( that offers training, events and collective ventures that cultivate connection, expression, purpose and growth.
    We are actively looking for individuals that would like to host, offer a workshop, or partner with us in organizing the group. If you are interested please email Trish at

    Types of Meetups:

    We will be having several types of meetups. Fun social events, facilitated groups, workshops and guest speakers. These will have varied costs depending on the event. We focus on creating high quality events that provide powerful experiences, community and provide valuable information.

    Some of the potential topics to be explored include:

    Modern Love & Relationships
    What is Love? Types of Love, Love Styles, Relationship Models, Single as a Choice, Relationship Communication, Beloved, God & Goddess in Everyone, The Beloved, Love and Sex, Modern Marriage, Romance, Keeping the Fire Going, The Evolution of Relationships, Longing, Commitment

    The Ecstatic & Sacred Sexuality
    Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Kama Sutra, Soul Merging, Sex and God, Religion and Sex, Kundalini, Union vs. Identity, Energetics of Sex, Sexual Magic, Transcendence, The Chakras, Multi-dimensional Sex, Relationship as a Spiritual Path

    Men & Women
    What does it mean to be a man? A Woman?, Men’s Movement, Women’s Empowerment, Dynamics, Differences in Pleasure and Orgasm, Polarity, Communication, Helping Each Other, Exploring the Masculine and Feminine, Cultural pressures, Healing Between, Men’s Issues, Women’s Issues, Politics of sex, Gender

    Our Bodies & Sensuality
    Defining Beauty, The Senses, Pleasure, Anatomy & Sexual Techniques, Sexual Healing, Kundalini, Health, Body Image, Loving our Bodies, Embodiment, Celebrating the Body, Cultural Biases and Norms, Body Art, Massage, Movement, Dance

    Desire & Passion
    Nature of Attraction, Our Motivations, Cultivating Passion, Creativity, Art of Seduction, Charisma, Flirting, Dating & Social Skills, Non-Verbal Communication, Turn-ons, Fetishes, Lust, Keeping Desire Alive, Porn, Cultural Influences

    Morality / Ethics, Controversial Lifestyles, Fetishes, Shame, Shadow, Cultural, Masks, Porn, Kink, Power and Surrender, Pain

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