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CTL Daylong: Unlock Intimacy & Pleasure through Conscious Consent
Do you desire more connection and sexy spark, but aren’t sure how to get there? This transformational workshop provides the missing piece in developing conscious dating and relationship skills. - and this daylong is the PREREQUISITE for our monthly Community Grad Night Potluck and Connection & Pleasure Lab Practicum. CTL is for YOU if you are: * PARTNERED and want to deepen your connection and enliven the intimacy in your relationship. * SINGLE and want to increase your confidence and connect with other conscious singles in a safe, structured, non-sexual framework. IMPORTANT: This event is advertised through multiple channels. RSVPs here do not reflect actual attendance or hold your spot. REGISTER HERE TO SECURE YOUR SPOT: BE SURE TO BUY YOUR TICKET EARLY, AS THIS WILL SELL OUT IN ADVANCE. Is your body less responsive than it used to be and your arousal more elusive? Do you lack confidence you can satisfy your lover? Do you have a hard time asking for - or even knowing - how you want to be touched? Is there a ceiling to how much pleasure you allow yourself to feel? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will not want to miss this life-changing training! It will equip you with the awareness, tools and skills to create deeper intimacy and spark greater pleasure than you can imagine. In this experiential Daylong you will: * Examine the core beliefs that block you from asking for what you truly want. * Practice skillfully communicating your boundaries, needs & desires. * Give and receive the nourishing, non-sexual touch you desire (and non that you don't). * Learn the maps and communication tools to explore new access to your unique pleasure. *Embody the four quadrants of giving and receiving in the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin. * Discover what allows you to open to pleasure more fully. * Experience the freedom and permission to be fully self expressed. ...All within a safe, consensual, non-sexual framework We begin by creating a Field of Agreement that quickly creates an environment of honoring ourselves and each other. Through a series of playful experiential exercises you will practice the essential intimacy skills of asking for what you want in real time - an essential skill to receiving the nourishment you desire – and setting boundaries around what you don't want – another essential skill in creating healthy intimacy. Developing these skills over time allows you to show up more fully in your power and pleasure and forge authentic, nourishing connections in all areas of your life. "What an incredible event! The sequence of exercises not only broke the ice, but developed a real feeling of acceptance and trust." - Mike "My wife and I came in feeling hopeless and are leaving hopeful. You have given us a framework for a workable relationship!" - Bob "What I experienced yesterday was deeply profound and moving." -Rhonda “I left feeling so uplifted. Everyone looked buoyant by the end, with bright eyes and smiling hearts. I don't know how Brynn does it, but she's able to create a reverential and profoundly connected community in a few short hours.” - Anne Tickets: $147/person; $294/couple REGISTER HERE: Tickets for singles are roughly gender balanced. COUPLES may choose to do all the exercises together. All genders, orientations and lifestyles welcome. Graduates gain access to: Monthly Grad Night Potluck, Connection & Pleasure Lab Practicums, Intermediate and Advanced CTLs Brynn Bishop is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Holistic Intimacy Coach. She specializes in helping people rewire their nervous systems towards greater connection, liberation & pleasure. She maintains a private practice in Arlington, MA, and worldwide via phone and video conference. Discover more at Curious about Individual or Couples' Intimacy Coaching? Schedule a Complimentary Phone Consult:

Watertown Center

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    The Exploring Eros meetup is for individuals (and couples!) interested in sharing and learning about love, sexuality, men and women, relationships and the ecstatic.....creating more connection and capacity for enjoyment. This group will be exploring a wide range of topics both in the personal and the broader social and cultural contexts. All denominations, orientations and lifestyles are welcome.

    This meetup is one of the local pathways groups of The Ollin Institute ( that offers training, events and collective ventures that cultivate connection, expression, purpose and growth. See a list of our groups HERE. (

    We are actively looking for individuals that would like to host, offer a workshop, or partner with us in organizing the group.

    You may see our policy and how to post your events HERE.

    If you have an questions or would like to be a partner with us, or be one of our lead hosts/facilitators, contact Trish at

    Some of the potential topics to be explored include:

    Modern Love & Relationships
    What is Love? Types of Love, Love Styles, Relationship Models, Single as a Choice, Relationship Communication, Beloved, God & Goddess in Everyone, The Beloved, Love and Sex, Modern Marriage, Romance, Keeping the Fire Going, The Evolution of Relationships, Longing, Commitment

    The Ecstatic & Sacred Sexuality
    Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Kama Sutra, Soul Merging, Sex and God, Religion and Sex, Kundalini, Union vs. Identity, Energetics of Sex, Sexual Magic, Transcendence, The Chakras, Multi-dimensional Sex, Relationship as a Spiritual Path

    Men & Women
    What does it mean to be a man? A Woman?, Men’s Movement, Women’s Empowerment, Dynamics, Differences in Pleasure and Orgasm, Polarity, Communication, Helping Each Other, Exploring the Masculine and Feminine, Cultural pressures, Healing Between, Men’s Issues, Women’s Issues, Politics of sex, Gender

    Our Bodies & Sensuality
    Defining Beauty, The Senses, Pleasure, Anatomy & Sexual Techniques, Sexual Healing, Kundalini, Health, Body Image, Loving our Bodies, Embodiment, Celebrating the Body, Cultural Biases and Norms, Body Art, Massage, Movement, Dance

    Desire & Passion
    Nature of Attraction, Our Motivations, Cultivating Passion, Creativity, Art of Seduction, Charisma, Flirting, Dating & Social Skills, Non-Verbal Communication, Turn-ons, Fetishes, Lust, Keeping Desire Alive, Porn, Cultural Influences

    Morality / Ethics, Controversial Lifestyles, Fetishes, Shame, Shadow, Cultural, Masks, Porn, Kink, Power and Surrender, Pain

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