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The state of our health in America is rapidly declining and it's time to take charge of our own health. The is a forum type of Meetup for the open discussion of alternatives to prescription drugs. We know that knowledge is power so the focus of this group will be exploring options outside of traditional medicine for natural healing. It will be a resource to open discussion about what it takes for the body to heal itself via natural methods. In my own journey I have found some of the simplest changes in lifestyle have been the most beneficial and have gotten me away from the need for prescription drugs. I have a personal motivation to open discussion about being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to cancer. We'll discuss what options do we personally have to avoid having a doctor drop the "C" bomb on your life. I believe this group will be an open forum for exploration into alternative natural health via documentaries/movie nights, book discussions, sharing resources, having Naturopathic doctors, Chiropractors and others with a passion for natural health to share their knowledge and wisdom on healing the body naturally. If you are someone with a passion for health and healing and have something to share with the world... let's link arms and help empower others to a healthier life! Blessings of health to all our explorers!

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