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ID Theft, Frauds, Spying, Cellphone & Compure Hacking - Hands On Seminar!

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Welcomes: LaMont Hamilton

“Learning about ID Theft, Frauds, Spying, Cellphone & Computer Hacks - Hands On Seminar”

*Admission will be $10 for this special event at the door*


LaMont Hamilton has been an ardent Private Investigator and electronics sleuth for most of his life which sometimes involved advising & protecting individuals, families (and groups) in security related cases that sometimes involved Governmental agencies like the FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security, and other Law Enforcement Agencies conducting surveillance on them.

His past employment by Auburn University & N.A.S.A allowed him to work and maintain million dollar computer systems for over 17 years from the 1970's during the PC computer infancy all the way up to full scale mainframe systems that helped him recognize potential security breaches and create protocols way before the internet was even created in 1995.

This seminar is open to anyone that one wants to understand how potential flaws in your security are being data mined and collected on a daily basis whether you use the internet or not. This seminar is a very cost effective way to learn very quickly about the latest threats, best identity protection practices real-time as they are demonstrated to you with the tools that are used to steal your personal information or Identity.


This is a MUST SEE event that will leave you facinated!


* Identity Theft by Internet Service Providers
* Theft Prevention
* Credit Card Fraud
* Computer Security
* Workplace Security
* Cellphone basic security
* Banking Fraud
* Phishing Scams
* Money Order scams
* Check writing scams
* Mailbox theft
* Email Scams
* AARP & Insurance scams
* Facebook Scams and how they steal your private information

Some questions that will be answered during this lecture include:

* Why you should NEVER write a check for store purchases
* Why you should NEVER use your credit or debit card in a restaurant
* Why you should NEVER provide your phone number to stores or websites
* Why women should NEVER register at hotels alone
* Why you should NEVER provide your birthday to any social site
* Why you should NEVER provide your Social Security Number to anyone
* Why you should NEVER use your real email address when shopping or signing up for products
* Why you should NEVER say anything private in your emails or cellphone text messages.


• Mistakes showing up on your bank, credit card, or financial statements
• Mistakes on medical records or benefits from your health plan
• Ads for products that you looked at in stores appearing on your Facebook profile or cellphone
• Regular bills and account statements that don’t arrive on time or are delayed
• Receiving Bills or collection notices for products or services that you never purchased
• Receiving Calls from debt collectors about debts that never belonged to you.
• A notice from the IRS that someone has used your Social Security number
• Snail Mail, email, or calls about accounts or jobs that's in your name
• Unwarranted comments or collection notices on your credit report
• Businesses or banks returning your checks
• You're turned down unexpectedly for a loan or credit card

The lecture will provide the audience with an opportunity to interact and ask questions to address any concerns that you have pertaining to this seminar.


***You can contact LaMont for more information or Security consultations by his email address below.


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.*Admission will be $10 for this special event at the door* .

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