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This is a group for people either new to New York City, or have called the city home for awhile and are interested in discovering new neighborhoods and learning more about the city's fascinating history, architecture and culture. Most of our activities are professionally-guided walks of 3 - 5 miles within a NYC neighborhood that has distinct and unique qualities. They usually last from 2 to 4 hours. We usually have an optional social hour afterwards for a meal and/or a beverage at a local restaurant. During the summer months we usually combine a walk with a free outdoor concert, often in the evenings. During the winter we'll have shorter outdoor walks coupled with a museum visit.

I also organize theme tours to add some spice and variety to honor holidays or famous New Yorkers. Afterwards there will usually be an optional socializing for a drink or a meal. Our events are usually free with a voluntary donation of a dollar or two. When we have museum visits there will be a charge.

I started this group because I am a native New Yorker and have a successful dual career as a professional tour guide and real estate agent, now with the prestigious Corcoran Group. I love to introduce people to new neighborhoods and explore their past, present and future and also welcome the opportunity to learn from others. With the fast-pace of life here it is easy to overlook the hidden treasures and iconic buildings that we pass by every day. I love Harlem (where I spent my formative years) due its many different areas, amazing history and beautiful architecture. Other favorites include the West Village, Lower Manhattan (where the City's history began), Flatiron/Gramercy, Upper West Side, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill,the East Village and Washington Heights.

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The President's Day Odyssey!


RSVP's begin Saturday, January 25th at 10am. Tour is free with a voluntary donation to your organizer. Space is set aside for new members, first and 2nd timers. This tour entails 4-5 miles of walking so please be fit enough to stroll at a decent pace. We will also take the subway twice so please have a valid metrocard with sufficient fare. The tour will begin approximately 12:15pm. Optional brunch at Coogan's at 11:00am. The A or C train to 168th Street and Broadway gets you right there: Link to menu: http://www.coogans.com/menu/brunch/ I am pleased to bringing back our group's annual tradition of celebrating President's Day by visiting locations associated with U.S. Presidents during the time they lived and worked in NYC, along with some fun NYC history as we traverse a variety of neighborhoods. Please refrain from signing up if you have been on a prior Presidential Tour in Manhattan. (I have also done a Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan version in the past). Refer to my scheduled tour on President's Day, Monday, February 17th. The tour will begin approximately 12:15pm. Optional brunch at Coogan's at 11:00am. The A or C train to 168th Street and Broadway gets you right there. This tour will cover Washington, Grant, Obama, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. We'll meet up in Washington Heights and end downtown around Astor Place/East Village. Stops include the Morris Jumel Mansion (where George Washington held his first cabinet meeting); Grants Tomb; Obama's apartment in Manhattan Valley; Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace; and Cooper Union, where Lincoln made his famous speech on February 27, 1860 as a presidential candidate. In addition, we'll stop at the mansion of a candidate (and a New Yorker) who initially was elected President back in the 1800's, but lost via a backroom deal an the electoral college. Neighborhoods we visit: Lower Washington Heights/Sugar Hill, Morningside Heights, Flatiron/Gramercy, ending at Cooper Union in the East Village/NOHO area. Cheers from Hank[masked] [masked]

Historic Walking Tour In Celebration of Women's History Month!

RSVP's begin Saturday, February 15th at 5:00pm. This tour is free with a voluntary donation. Space set aside for new members, first and 2nd timers. Note, we meet outside the Rye House Bar-Restaurant if you are not coming early for brunch. You are also welcome to come inside for coffee and/or to use the restroom if not attending brunch. Please respond to the question about coming early for brunch! The walking tour begins approximately at 1:15pm and entails a good 4 miles with one ride on the subway. Restroom break at Washington Square Park. http://www.ryehousenyc.com/ Brunch Menu here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/7ea0c6_d88a100364dd49aeb1898f8194d288a9.pdf TOUR DESCRIPTION: Join us in a unique celebration of Women's History Month with a tour to visit some very special locations in Manhattan associated with individual women and social movements that have had a lasting impact on New York City, the U.S. and the world! We Visit: A bit of Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and finally our downtown Civic Center. Our ending location by City Hall is convenient to A,2,3,4,5,6, R, 1 and J subways. This is two tours in one! We'll visit some of New York's most fascinating neighborhoods while taking in some unique and very important locations in Manhattan. The many stops include the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Building; (honoring the successful struggle for better working conditions in factories); New York Studio School (honoring visionary champions of American art Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and Julianna Force); the homes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Emma Lazarus, and Bella Abzug; Margaret Sanger's pioneering Manhattan Clinic; and lower Manhattan sites associated with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton; and Elizabeth Jennings, an African-American school teacher who was a 19th century Rosa Parks. Tour is free with a welcome contribution to help cover my expenses. We'll be taking the subway once during the tour to save time so kindly have a valid metrocard. Cheers, Hank [masked][masked]

World Water Day River-to-River Walk! From the Hudson to the East River.

RSVP's begin Saturday, February 29rd at 10:30am. Extra space is set aside for new group members, first and 2nd timer who land on the waiting list. In honor of World Water Day join us on a “River-to-River” walk across Manhattan from the Hudson to the East River ending at beautiful Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Mansion. The focus of this tour is the fact that New York City owes its history and development to its location, its and waterways and the creation of the Croton Aqueduct system in the 1840's which brought fresh water from upstate to the City amid our growing population. NYC is blessed with having one of the best water systems of any large metropolitan area on the planet! Cost: Free with voluntary contribution. Special instructions: bring a picnic lunch and water to drink. The tour begins at 72nd Street and Riverside Drive and ends at East 86th Street overlooking the East River in Carl Schurz Park. This tour entails about 5 miles of walking on mostly level terrain (some steps in Riverside Park). Neighborhoods covered: Upper West Side, Upper East Side/Yorkville, Carnegie Hill. Bring lunch and/or snacks and water. We will have a break to eat and use restrooms in Central Park by the Delacorte Theatre. FOR RESTROOMS, COFFEE, ETC BEFORE THE TOUR: Bloomingdale's Outlet has restrooms at the NW corner of Broadway and 72nd Street. West side of Broadway 70th-71st Street has a Starbucks and McDonalds. There's also the Pier 72 old school diner on West End. Ave. & 72nd Street. World Water Day is observed annually on March 22 to raise awareness about the vital importance of water to safeguarding human security and maintaining the health of the planet's ecosystems. This year's theme, "Water and Climate Change," highlights not only the urgent importance of strengthening water security and establishing access to a sustainable water supply in the face of changing climate conditions worldwide, but also the many ways that shifting atmospheric and oceanic conditions are reshaping the global hydrologic cycle. Increasing sustainable access to safe drinking water is a key objective of the U.S Government Global Water Strategy and USAID’s Water and Development Plan. In support of the water strategy, USAID seeks to provide 15 million people with sustainable access to drinking water services by 2022. Globally, 663 million people still lack access to safe drinking water sources—the very resource on which a healthy, productive life depends. Even for those who have access, services are often inadequate to meet basic needs. Our tour will also tell the story of the creation of Central Park and visit the site of a natural spring that was used by the residents of the Seneca Village community in the 1800’s! This amazing stroll will cover the history of Upper Manhattan's development from the 1600’s to the present with stops at many architectural treasures, iconic buildings and extraordinary 5th Avenue mansions. Pictured above is the Highbridge, part of the 19th century aqueduct system and the city's oldest bridge which now serves as a pedestrian walkway connecting Harlem to The Bronx. Here's a couple of links with information about World Water Day. http://worldwaterday.org/ http://www.unwater.org/what-we-do/inspire-action/ Cheers from Hank [masked] [masked]

Exploring Flushing Queens with a Walking Tour!

Queens Public Library at Flushing

Note this is a rescheduled tour from the cancelled Lunar New Year Tour on January 25th. Space is set aside for new members and first time participants. This tour is free with an optional pay-what-you wish donation to your organizer. Bring cash if you plan to purchase food. We are meet outside the public library (restrooms inside). If you arrive early enough grab a bite at one of the many local Asian restaurants. There are also several huge food courts such as the Golden Shopping Mall at 41-26 Main Street and the New World Mall: http://www.newworldmallny.com/food-court/ Flushing, Queens, one of most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the United States and one of the few NYC neighborhoods which boasts buildings still standing from the 1600's. Among these are the John Bowne house built in the year 1661. (pictured above). Flushing began its European history as the Dutch town of Vlissingen, part of New Netherland and is important in the establishment of religious freedom in America -- in part due to a group of English Quakers who settled in the area. We'll learn about Flushing's fascinating history by strolling by the area's historic sites - and you will also hear about the Queens long-time association with jazz and African-American History along with Flushing's emergence as an international and pan-Asian community. Depending on what's happening there (often art exhibits), we may stop in for a visit at Flushing Town Hall, a neighborhood cultural center that is also a Smithsonian affiliate. At the end of our tour we'll have an optional visit to the Ganesh Hindu Temple. This is the first authentic Hindu Temple in North America built with traditional granite stones imported from India. THERE IS A DRESS CODE - SEE BELOW. Next store there is the Temple's Canteen Restaurant which serves up delectable South Indian food. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. DRESS CODE FOR THE GANESH HINDU TEMPLE. No shorts for men. No skirts or ripped jeans and arms covered for women. Shoes may be left at the shoe stand in the entryway. Links below to both the Temple and Canteen: https://nyganeshtemple.org/ http://canteen.nyganeshtemple.org/about/ Cheers from Hank[masked] [masked]

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