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Shark Tank - Another Dip!!
Join us again to photograph Whitespotted Sharks, Brownbanded Bamboo Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Atlantic Stingrays and Cownose Rays... last year's trip was fantastic! What You'll Learn: We'll show you how to eliminate tank reflections, get your all-important underwater colour balance perfect for EACH tank with custom balances and tint, and get sharply focused, motion free images in low light. We'll also demonstrate how your sometimes-dreaded Manual Exposure setting can be very liberating at some of the tanks. If you shoot Auto or Priority modes or use regular preset white balances, this will be a real eye-opener. Panning and composing with set backgrounds. You'll bring home a great haul. Included: our video tutorial showing you how to use filters and 3 other anti-reflection techniques for water tanks. Watch it at home. "I gained excellent info about shooting in reflective situations" -Peggy 15,000 sea creatures in 6 million litres of water will keep you busy photographically. Wolf Eels, Lumpfish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Sawfish, Barracuda, Moray Eels, Spadefish and Green Sea Turtles. Plus the floor - ceiling "Planet Jelly" and shark tanks of course. What to bring: • DSLR or advanced Compact camera • Polarizer filter if you own one • Lens recommendation: bring your fastest lens (low f/ number), ideally 70mm+ but wide angle will work as well • No flash or tripods required - we'll be teaching you why we're NOT using these at the event! • We'll bring an waterproof camera for you to try - in case we get the opportunity! Admission ticket to Ripley's is included. That's it - you're ready to join us! - RSVP at the top of the page.

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

288 Bremner Boulevard · Toronto, ON

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We're all about exploring your creativity through photography. Expand your creativity with guided events for beginners to advanced photographers... (read more)

Founded in May 2011, 49 Group reviews, 14 Upcoming Meetups, Past Meetups 230+ .

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There are lots of photography groups in Toronto - none have the foundation of Exploring Photography. We're one of the largest clubs in the city, & consistently in the top 10 in Canada because our workshops have one goal: to provide you with guided events that will expand your creativity - in a fun, supportive group, while exploring great locations in Toronto & the GTA.

Whether you're a complete beginner or advanced photographer - our events are made for exploration & learning - building your confidence and expanding your visual & creative horizons.

Our meetups are also known for being relaxed, instructive, inspiring, supportive "weekend escapes" - and a lot of fun to boot.

We'll help you to truly 'see' things you're missing, and provide a safe place a to explore and experiment - pushing barriers away and focusing on your creative strengths.

Internationally exhibited photographer Al Uehre and Katy Lee are your leaders.

"This is exactly what I am looking for, a group that is all about the process behind taking photos and exploring the depths of the possibilities of photography. When I was in school I used to do life drawing and painting and it was always about the process of allowing your mind to trust your hand to draw. I want to be able to explore beyond the rigid technical aspects of photography to find techniques to create ethereal images." - A passionate Exploring Photography member

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Digital photography is more than just f-stops, shutter speed and gear. You, the photographer, are the key. That's why we create events & workshops to build your confidence and mentor you, encourage you to see & think in new ways, & translate that into great photography - showing you ways to express yourself and boost your awareness, intuition and creativity.

"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring... all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved..." Ansel Adams

When you join, you'll start creating your best photographs, and discovering real transformation in your ability to truly see:

Who our workshops ARE for: beginner to advanced, you're interested in exploring new venues while building your confidence, & are willing to consider how photography can be more than just taking pictures – it can be an exploration of the world around you. You have an open mind, and a digital camera. If you're a DSLR owner - great! Compact camera? You're very welcome too! It's you, not the technology that counts.

Who our workshops are NOT for: those who feel that camera gear and technical skills alone are the keys to creating moving, extraordinary images. We think it's all about you, the person behind the camera - your approach to the world, and learning how to really see. Your tools may be digital, but we photographers are still analog!

Our events are kept small to make sure you get personal attention if you want it, and quiet time with your subjects too. Tutorial materials are provided at most workshops for you to keep & explore more. Late payments can be made here (

Yes, our topics have some depth, but we always keep events tonnes of fun! We encourage group discussion, lots of laughter, experimentation & exchange of ideas with other members - at all skill levels.

Join us and start Exploring Photography!

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