Pulau Ubin Hike


Pulau Ubin is situated just off the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore. Transport back in time to 1960s Singapore as you embark to Pulau Ubin. This island is home to Singapore's last kampongs, the island still retains the rustic beauty and simplicity of a bygone era. This is for people who wants to see the old Singapore lifestyle, have some exercise and explore the island.

We'll be meeting at Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

How to get to Changi Point Ferry Terminal?
1. Take a train to Tanah Merah MRT
2. Exit at Exit B and proceed to the Bus Stop
3. Take Bus No 2 from the Bus Stop
4. Ride all the way to the end and drop at Changi Village Bus Terminal
5. Look for the street, Lor Bekukong beside the Bus Terminal
6. Walk along Lor Bekukong to Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Please bring along $6 for your To and From ferry fee.


. Pulau Ubin Jetty
. Pekan Quarry (Photo)
. Chek Jawa Wetlands
. Walk around Chek Jawa Wetlands (Break)
. Mamam Campsite
. Forest Trail
. Assembly Area

. Assembly Area
. Pekan Quarry
. Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple
. Buaka Hill
. Return to Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Click on the link below to view the route:

. Morning - 9km
. Afternoon - 5km
Hiking Time:
. Morning - 3hr
. Afternoon - 2hr
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate