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Exploring Through the Looking Glass: Sharing our views on body shape & size and balancing naturally.

This new and informative group provides ongoing weekly support for those of us with eating disorders or other eating-related problems. This is not a therapy session but is facilitated by Alex, our CBT trained therapist, an NCS accredited registrant.

She provides a safe space for you to hear from others and share your story, difficulties and where you want to aim for to find psychological well-being.

From music to movement, to recognising patterns, to working with the breath, and nutrition, Alex is further working to help you to affect positive change for yourself.

Alex's background:

Beginning over eight years ago with a Person Centred foundation and moving to a Humanistic and Integrative approach that informs her work, Alex currently offers a robust integrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapies model to psychological well-being.
This work is accessible to all, including those with lowered income and the work is short term to align with the modern fast-paced world.

Qualifying in 2016, Alex furthered her professional development with Eye Movement Integration to facilitate the resolution of trauma for clients who benefit from this, and Hypnotherapy, along with other integration techniques.

She provides a safe space for you to explore your experiences : together we look for a way that works for you to move towards a life where you find the freedom that comes from learning to un-disturb yourself.

The group meets at our beautiful studios in Central Dudley, public car park two minutes walk away and is free for up to two hours.

Date And Time
Sat, 8 June 2019 weekly
10:30 – 12:30pm £15

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