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Inquisitive, respectful, compassionate armchair philosophers explore whether ethics can be objective, whether human freedom can be rigorously justified, whether initiation of violence is ever ethically permissible, and whether any state can morally support human freedom. We also explore how to address -- compassionately, but from universal, consistent ethical principles:

• common objections to human freedom (e.g., "But how will roads be built?" "How will the poor survive?" "How will we defend ourselves from Iran?" "How can I stop my child from messing up his life with drugs.")?

• false morality claims that justify the initiation of violence (e.g., "It is Good to pay teachers more.", "It is moral to protect ourselves before we are attacked.", "It is Good to pay everyone a living wage." "It is moral to prevent women from selling themselves.")

And we study important thinkers in this area.

If moral relativism, nihilism, utilitarianism, religious morals, ethics dictated by Authority, democratic ethics, etc. have felt wrong to you, but you couldn't clearly state why, come and help us figure it out.

Please join our discussion.

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