What we're about

Are you interested in awakening and embodying it in the world of relationship and culture?

Are you interested in joining with spiritual practitioners who not only care about their own awakening and embodiment process but also the evolution of human consciousness and culture?

What is WE Space?

WE space is essentially the dimension of experience that is happening between us. It's the shared space where we discover shared meaning and connection.

What is WE Practice?

We-practice is a group of collective spiritual practitioners who come together in a conscious we-space or intersubjective relational space to cultivate deeper and higher degrees of awareness that includes personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal.

There are many of us who are engaged in some form of personal growth and personal spiritual practice. This is no doubt vital and a necessary prerequisite. But I found that personal growth and individual spiritual practice is not enough. Many of us are now are being called to engage in some form of relational spiritual practice.

My intention with this meetup is to create a space for mutual healing and awakening where we can deepen our connection with ourselves and with each other from our essential core self and unique authentic expression. I believe this is where we can tap into our inherent goodness, wisdom and intelligence that transcends and yet includes each and every one of us.

In this sacred WE Space we can:

Discover, embrace, heal and integrate dimensions of ourselves from this loving awareness that includes all of ourselves from the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal.

Explore and discover and embody new potentials and connect with a higher collective intelligence and see what wants to emerge through us and as us.

Become mirrors for each other so that we can heal our shadows and be open to our greatest callings and aspirations.

Essentially, I would like to create a space for us so we can all support, inspire and empower and bring out the best in each other.

To make this sacred space possible I am offering a space grounded in four pillars for mutual awakening which is mutual support, mutual trust, mutual recognition and mutual appreciation.
These pillars will create the causes and conditions needed for us to really feel safe, supported, seen and felt thus creating a healthy space for us to grow, connect and learn.

Times and Structure:

“Exploring the We space” will be held on Sundays from 4 to 6pm twice a month at two location. One location will be at the Rise Well-Being Center, which is in Reston VA and the other location will be held at a private address in Annandale VA..

What to expect in a 2 hour session:

1. We will begin as a group with introductions, intentions.
2. Bennett will set the context with brief theory of We practice and intentions for practice and for how to engage practice and inquiry for best results.
3. Engage Individual meditation practices and then two collective we practices.
4. Group discussion.
5. Brief closing meditation and closing remarks

Each practice will be based on an inquiry or theme such as awareness, spiritual confidence, trust, strength, letting go, and abundance.

Come and join me twice a month to explore and discover the transformative potentials of We-space!

Suggested Donation is 25 dollars.

Who is the facilitator?

Bennett Crawford is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Awaken New Possibilities, LLC. Bennett is a facilitator, teacher, counselor and coach who specializes in the dynamic art of personal and collective change and transformation. He received training in facilitation, meditation, coaching, and counseling and has studied many eastern and western philosophies and practices in the field of change and transformation. Bennett has led seminars and workshops over the years and has counseled and coached many assisting others on how to discover their calling and how to embody it in the world. Bennett has a passion for making a difference and is driven to collaborate and co-create with others to make the world a better place.

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