What we're about

Do you want to express yourself with courage and confidence? Do you want to live life more fully? Do you want to be able to respond to whatever life offers you?

We are explorers, experiencing our lives with agility and flexibility. We stretch our abilities to communicate through theater games, experiential activities, and jumping in to play with others.

We will focus on how to “perform” a magical life rather than how to perform on stage. We will practice life skills that will bring out our deepest authentic selves in all aspects of life. For some, this kind of improvisational mindset will become part of their spiritual practice.

Using fun games, creative exercises, and improvised story telling we will learn to:

Respond to life’s opportunities and challenges,
Express ourselves while being in harmony with others
Bring joy, laughter and a sense of curiosity into our daily interactions

Give up the need for control and the fear of the unknown. Break open your box, explore your creativity, gain confidence, connect with others and learn who you can become.

Let’s have fun creating exciting, expressive, and evolving lives together.

As a performer/director of improvisational theater troupes for over 12 years, I discovered that improv as an art form translates as improv as a life form. Bringing play and joy to our lives is a vital ingredient to success.

We will have Open Playshops and opportunities to cive ceeper into living an Expressed Life: gaining deeper insights into our authentic self, expressing ourselves in intimate relationships and creating vibrant, enlivening lives in business.

We create a safe and fun environment that encourages and supports participants to get in touch with their unique gifts and express their divine light.

Don't worry if you don't have Improv or theater experience, you have everything you need to play with us if you can say Yes! We are all about discovering our unique gifts and appreciating those of others.

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