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Let's Explore Intuition

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Do you want to be able to be more intuitive in your life? Have you ever trusted your intuition and miracles happened? Not trusted it and you regretted it?

Explore your own intuitive powers in a nonjudgmental environment and be ready to surprise yourself. Experience what it’s like to listen to your intuition and discover your own inner wisdom.

Life isn’t scripted. We have the gift of taking all of our experiences, embracing them, and using them as a source to learn and grow as human beings. Experience a night of play where there are no mistakes and the real you can be present.

Gain confidence and connect. No experience needed just a willingness to say YES! And tell your friends!

Just $15 for this fun evening!(Contact us if this is an issue) Doors open at 7:00 pm and we'll begin promptly at 7:15. The doors will close after the agreements at around 7:25 so please be on time.

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” –Dean Koontz