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Average temperatures around the globe have recently been rising faster than global organizations chartered to address the climate change issue anticipated. This is a profoundly disturbing development for two reasons...

• some evidence suggests these increases could be a threat to the existence of humans in the near future

• these global organizations (Paris 2016 and the UN IPCC 2018) have not accurately characterized and forecasted the increasing danger of the climate situation to the human future

All human endeavors and knowledge are subject to error.

The contrast between sluggish national and international climate organizations and the emerging evidence suggesting our existence as a species may be at risk is an ALARM in itself.


A Rebellion against this Climate Emergency grounded in the principles of massive, non-violent, direct action, was established in the UK in 2018. These principles figured prominently in the success of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King to establish an independent India and increased minority rights in the United States in the last century.


The Extinction Rebellion Movement (XR) makes two essential demands of our governments.

• TELL THE TRUTH about the Climate Emergency we face

• ACT NOW to stave off coming catastrophes

These demands are summarized here: https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/demands/

10 Principles and Values of the XR are listed here: https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/about-us/

From April 15th to 25th 2019, the XR organized protests of 30,000 to 40,000 people in London to occupy major bridges, intersections, and public squares. Although not prominent in US news, this massive, non-violent, direct action by the XR occupied the news, minds, and debate in the UK.

A 1-minute video about the XR... https://youtu.be/1hdKT2lBpeQ

The index to hundreds of videos about the April XR Action in London... http://bit.ly/XR-Apr2019-London


Extinction Rebellion - Central Oregon is focused on how best to support the global Extinction Rebellion Movement. We understand that XR Action optimal for large urban areas is not necessarily appropriate to the Central Oregon context. Nevertheless, we will

• educate ourselves and our community about the alarming facts of the Global Climate Emergency

• take Action we come to understand supports the goals of the XR within our community

Join us to help figure out what optimal action looks like in Central Oregon about the Global Climate Emergency!

April 27, 2019

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