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Everyday we may read an article about UFOs over our skies, or we may see a T.V. show or movie where the plot line involves Aliens. If we have been a fan of the X Files series on T.V, most of the Aliens portrayed are of the "negative" kind. But, did you know that both kinds - the positive and negative ones - are visiting the Earth now and have been from Aeons?

If this subject matter fascinates you and you want to be a part of a group that discusses this in depth, then you're in for a treat!

Ari Kopel is not only a bestselling author of two books, but she's had experiences with UFO and positive ETs ever since she was a child. You will hear about her first-hand experience with these beings and also explore more topics.

Join now and get ready for our next get-together/ workshop!

This group will talk about:

• The Positive ETs that are in our Midst and around our planet now, and what their purpose is for us

• The Negative ETs, who they are, why they're here, and what agendas they have

• The NASA cover-up and the Astronauts that are whistleblowing

• Conspiracy Theories about Royal Bloodlines

• MILABS - Military Abductions

• Reptilians and other species

• The Matrix

• Ancient visitations and influence, by the Extraterrestrials, on humanity

• How to see the Light ships, or spacecraft of the Positive ETs

• How we know when the positive ones or negative ones are communicating with us

• How to protect ourselves from the influence and deception of the negative ETs

• How to know if you're a Star Seed - coming from other worlds to be a part of Earth and helping humanity

• Nibiru - Is it a spacecraft, a planet or a binary system?

• The Anunnaki - are these the gods that manipulated our DNA?

• The Spirituality of the Higher-Dimensional ETs

• Possible Earth Evacuation with Geological Pole Shift

• Discussion of movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Knowing, Avatar and others

All these topics and more will be discussed...

We will meet once a month, the last Tuesday of every month for in depth discussion. Please bring yourself and anyone who is interested in this topic. Dress comfortably, as we're going to explore this subject matter in depth.

The information comes from first-hand experience with this subject matter.

A $10 participation fee is required to fund the rental of the room and cost of refreshments.

I look forward to having wonderful, "enlightening" discussions with you all...

- Ari Kopel,

Bestselling Author:

"Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception"

"Getting Back to Source"

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