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Welcome to ESV Social, now the #1 most active group in Canada! Do you want more excitement in your life? Are you looking to make new friends and do fun stuff? Join us! Check out this promo video we made for our group a few years back:


The great thing about this group, and the reason for our success, is we encourage our members to actively plan events! Members who have attended at least 1 event are welcome to post an event of their own as long as it doesn't conflict with any of our group policies which can be found here: policy page (https://www.meetup.com/Extremely-Shy-Looking-for-friends/pages/Group_Policies/). Just contact Ian or another group organizer to get set up with event hosting access. Businesses who would like to share their events with our members are also welcome to contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Please also note that writing people on meetup whom you haven't met is against our policies. Meetup is for meeting people in person at events. Anyone found sending unsolicited messages will be removed from the group. Please inform Ian immediately if somebody you haven't met has sent you as message or if you have received a message that makes you uncomfortable. We would like to do everything in our power to make meetup a fun and safe space for everybody.

What about our group name? The first thing that comes to many people's minds when they see "Extremely Shy- Looking for Friends" is: Do I have to be extremely shy to join this group? NO: People of all levels of extroversion and introversion can be found in our group. Many of our members are not shy, and many more have largely overcome their shyness since joining our group. That being said, I know what it's like to be very shy and i know that signing up for your first meetup event can be scary and intimidating. Part of what this group is about is making that first step as easy for you as possible. Shyness is not something that anyone here will judge you poorly for. And if there's anything we can do to make it easier for you to attend your first event then please let me know by sending Ian a message.

Please note that although members aged 19 and over are welcome to join, our member base is primarily in their 20s, 30s, and some in their early 40s and many of our events designed to cater to these demographics.

Thanks for joining. See you soon!

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Virtual Pub Night on Discord

Online event

Link to the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Q9WMC5J - Go to this link to join the virtual pub night.

Since we can't go to a real pub due to coronavirus, we'll be having a virtual pub night every Thursday at 7PM. Come chat with new and old friends, and get your socializing in despite social distancing. Feel free to grab a drink too, great way to liven things up.

It's really easy to join: just click the link, enter a nickname, and sign up for an account if you would like. You'll be able to join one of the voice channels, where we'll be having a group call. I'll leave 4 channels available, in case one of them gets too crowded.

Stanley park walk

tennis courts

Rules: We are still very much in a pandemic. Please respect people's boundaries and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

The path can become very busy. Please move to the side and avoid taking up the whole route.
This is not a dating event; if anyone is making you uncomfortable, please let me know.
The second time I am saying this, please show up on time. I will wait 10 minutes before starting the hike.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
If you are on the waiting list, can you still attend? The answer is no. I can only notify the people who are attending should anyone get sick.
How fast do I go?
I am not very fast, I go at my paste, so if we are too slow, you are more than welcome to go ahead. I will check to make sure I still have every one.

A walk through Stanley Park: We walk around Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake, and go up to Prospect Point. The trail is a mixture of pavement and loose gravel so wear good walking shoes. The whole trail is 8.0km. There is also a bit of an elevation gain of 79m. This does not include our meeting spot and walking to the start of our trail. It is easy for us to meet at a familiar location and then walk together as a group. Let us meet at Stanley Park tennis court near the parking lot. I have done this walk before in 2 hours, but I was not going very fast. So we as a group can take longer or shorter, very relaxing and beautiful to be in the shade of the trees on a hot sunny day.

This is a first-come, first-serve. RSVP always opens a week before the event, and I will close the event the day before, giving everyone a chance to sign up. If you are on the waiting list, you may not be able to join. However, closer to the time, people do drop out, and a spot opens up. I want to keep the group small. Much easier to manage should something go wrong

Checkout FleursDeVilles installations around downtown (easy walk)

Vancouver Art Gallery

You might have seen some of these around downtown this week. June 20th is going to be the last day and I'm planning to take a walk and checkout all of them. Grab a coffee or a drink and join me. We will be starting at the art gallery and following the map anticlockwise. It's going to be an easy-leisure walk and will take some pictures on the way!

Meeting time: 5:00 PM

Start walking: 5:15 PM

Group Size: Limiting to 6 people (if there is more interest I might form a second group)

More info: https://www.fleursdevilles.com/microsite/rose-vancouver


Bring a happy self, be respectful to each others boundaries regarding social distancing and it will be fun!

If you RSVP and plan not to attend, please change so others can get a chance to attend.

Social Deduction Games Night [online]

Online event

Welcome to our weekly Social Deduction Game night. Social deduction games are games in which players receive secret roles and attempt to discern what roles other players in the game have through social reads and information obtained through game mechanics. The most popular social deduction game is mafia, also called werewolf. In this and many games like it, players are broken into 2 teams. An uninformed majority called the "town" and an informed minority called the "mafia". Players on the town side will attempt to use logic and social reads to vote out players they suspect of being mafia every day. Players on the mafia team will try to act like they are on the town team in order to avoid suspicion.

For this event we will primarily be playing a game similar to mafia called "Blood on the Clocktower". Full rules of the game can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jb3SIsEka2GV-stS-c3KDt-ZycPjwr9o/view and the setup that we'll likely be playing can be found here: http://bignose.whitetree.org/projects/botc/diy/reference/trouble-brewing.pdf

If you've never played werewolf or mafia before, or just prefer to watch a video explaining the game then check out this video here which goes over an introduction for the game and should give you a basic idea about what you're getting yourself in to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuOq54FHDsg&ab_channel=BloodontheClocktower

Most attendees to this online event don't sign up through meetup anymore so don't be discouraged by the lack of signups on here, if indeed there are a lack of signups.

If you have any questions then you can feel free to post them in the comments and i'll be happy to help.

In order to participate in this event you will need all of:

1. A computer and internet connection good enough to use the program zoom
2. The program zoom. Download the program and make an account at zoom.us
3. The program discord and membership in our discord sever. Go here to join: https://discord.gg/4u7fyDX . This is not the same as the ESV discord, rather it's a discord for those of us in Vancouver who enjoy social deduction games like werewolf and mafia.

And one of :

1. A microphone and webcam connected to your computer
2. A mobile device that you can use as your webcam and microphone

If you don't have a microphone or webcam then you will be joining our zoom meeting on both your computer and your mobile device. If you think it's possible for you to participate in this event without a computer then you're welcome to try although I wouldn't recommend it.

If possible, try to familiarize yourself with the zoom program before the event. At around 6:50 on Monday i will make a zoom meeting and post the link in the general chat of our discord server and in the comment section here.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing many of you on Monday

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can i show up late?
A: Yes but you'll probably miss game one if you show up later than 7:00, and each game is between 90 minutes to 2 hours long

Q: Do we have to show our faces?
A: Yes! Maybe not for the entire time if you don't want to, but i want this to be as much like a normal event as possible so please do use your webcam.

Q: Can i bring my friends who are not in this group?
A: Sure, but please at least have them join our discord server.

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