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Disc up! A few of us are getting together at Slocan Park for Ultimate Frisbee. We'll have a few discs so we can practice, and all games are for FUN. We'll keep score, but points are not important, FUN and FRIENDSHIPS are!! Everyone is welcome to join, no matter your ability to play! • You may want to bring a water bottle • If possible, please bring a dark shirt and a light shirt • You can bring a disc, too, if you want! This event relies on 'good' weather, which we should get on the day of. You can check the forecast for the Slocan Park area: HERE ( In case the forecast changes, you will be notified if this event is rescheduled/cancelled. Here's where we'll be in relation to the: 29th Avenue skytrain station.. If the main field is used (to the left in the image), we'll be on the field close to the tennis courts (to the right in the image). Here is an image graciously given to us by Antonio, outlining how we usually setup the play fields: -5 Simple Ultimate FRIZ* Rules- Here are basic rules for the game. Everyone must know: Ultimate is a NON-CONTACT sport. • (1) The Field: Rectangular field of varying lengths/widths depending on how many people are playing (though the 'real' rules have the field at a specific length and width). • (2) Starting Play: Each team lines up on their own end zone line at the beginning of a point. Once both teams have indicated that they are ready to start, the defense throws the disc to the other team. • (3) Scoring: Throw the disc to a teammate who is already in the other team's end zone. Play is then restarted at the team's respective end zones. • (4) Disc Movement: The player with the disc cannot move around the field, except for the use of a pivot foot. The disc can only be moved elsewhere on the field through a pass to a teammate, and must be done within ten seconds. The defender guarding the person with the disc counts ("10, 9, 8, .."). • (5) Change of Possession: If a pass goes out of bounds, is dropped, blocked, or intercepted (caught by the other team) it is considered a turnover. The defense immediately becomes the offense and can take the disc.

Slocan Park (next to the '29th Avenue' skytrain station)

E 29th Ave at Slocan Street · Vancouver, BC

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