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🎲 Board Games meetup 🎲 (Monday edition @ Toby's)
Welcome to the Toby's edition of Monday night board games! They're located extremely close to the Commercial skytrain station, and we've booked the whole second floor! So come out, meet some amazing people and play some cool games. You don't need to be a board game veteran. Most people who come are fairly new to the world of board gaming, so you won't be alone. Things start rolling at about 5:00 although you're welcome to come any time after that. We have the space until 10:00 Since we get the space for free, we need to request that everybody purchases at least $10 worth of food or drinks. An auto gratuity of 18% will be attached to your bill. Also, this event would not be the same without our sponsor Board Game Warriors ( . So please, if you're finding yourself enjoying any of the games we play and want to purchase a copy for yourself, thank board game warriors by making your purchase from them. If the location is inconveniently far away from you then send me (Ian) a message and I can pick up the game for you and deliver it at the next Monday night board game event. The store is only a couple minutes away from my house by walk so it's no trouble at all. Bring your games (or don't) and lets have a great time! (Read the FAQ below for more information about this event) (,+Vancouver,+BC&ll=49.261188,-123.06976&spn=0.002661,0.009645&sll=49.260134,-123.070010&layer=c&cbp=11,283.64,,0,0.12&cbll=49.2601,-123.069803&hnear=2733+Commercial+Dr,+Vancouver,+British+Columbia+V5N+4C5,+Canada&t=m&panoid=hRzPbM90kb5o5iS_0sS1vA&z=17) (Toby's is where the little toon turtle, Tommy (, is hangin' out) Please note that you must be aged 19 or older to attend this event. Frequently asked questions Question: How does this work? Answer: Welcome to board games! This is a pretty laid back casual event. We'll have one table where we place most of the games that people have brought with them. When you arrive, feel free to go up to the bar to order a drink and/or any food item or just introduce yourself to anybody you see standing around. Don't be afraid if it looks like everybody is already in a game. We're a pretty welcoming and friendly bunch, so just go up to a table and ask people what they're playing. It will only be a matter of time until you'll get into a game. Question: I'm new and the idea of walking into a large group of unknown people terrifies me. What should I do? Answer: First of all, let me say that if i was in your shoes, I would feel exactly the same way. My best suggestion would be to try to arrive as early (closest to 5:00) as possible. That's when it's a lot less busy and people haven't gotten into any games yet. At 5:00, you might see between 10 and 15 people there instead of the 70+ that you'll see if you arrive after 6:30. If you can't arrive early, than maybe try approaching the people playing games around the pool table. We're usually play social games for larger groups of people that don't last as long and that's where I'll always be. So come up, ask if anybody knows who Ian is and we'll go from there. If all else fails, you can also always send me a text to[masked] and I will come over and greet you wherever you are. Question: I don't get off work until 6:00 and won't be able to get there until about 7, is that ok? Answer: Yes of course. Most people usually don't start arriving until about 6, and plenty of people don't arrive until after 7 as well. Question: Do I have to bring my own games? Answer: Nope! You should bring any games if you can, but there are usually enough other people who bring games that there are more than enough to go around. Question: What type of games do you play? Answer: Check out the link at the bottom of this page. But we play a pretty wide variety of games. Some short and simple, some long and complicated. Question: Where is there nearby parking? Answer: There is parking underground Toby's (free) and also street parking on the east side of 10th if you drive down a bit Game List: These are just a few of the many games that people bring every week.

Toby's Pub & Grill

2733 Commercial Drive · Vancouver, BC

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