Past Meetup

Just an IDEA, Volunteer at soup kitchen or sandwich drive

Hosted by Extremely Shy - Looking for Friends?

Public group


Needs a location


Note: Event has been postponed due to everyone in the community is stepping up to help out charities. We will be volunteering some time in the summer.

With a huge turnout at the Christmas Hamper event in December, I'm thinking of putting another event for community engagement. Lets meet up and do some good in the community, I do believe that we can have fun and make a difference in the community.

Let's volunteer at the soup kitchen and make a difference in our community. If you guys know of any places we can volunteer, feel free to tell us. The soup kitchen has more than enough volunteers.

If there is enough interest we could consider doing a meetup sandwich drive or partner up with one or two other groups and make a difference.

We give because we have been given much!