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2013 Sakura Days Japan Fair - Day 1

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Hello! It's time to celebrate spring Japanese-style at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens! This will be Day 1 of the two-day celebrations! Please read below for imperative details:

When and Where: I will be standing at Visitor Centre on Oak Street (near 33rd and 37th street) of VanDusen Botanical Gardens at 10:15am. I was informed by the receptionist there that the Visitor Centre area is clearly visible on Oak Street. The photo below is the building. From there we just go through the building as this is also the main entrance of the Gardens. Please be on time! I will wait a maximum of 10-minutes for any late-comers, but I am hoping there are none!

If you cannot find me: Please send me an email if you would like my cell phone number. There is a likelihood that the grounds will be crowded so don't be shy in asking for my number!

Visitor Centre number: More details on how to get to the Visitor Centre can be reached at: 604-257-8463.

Cost: Everyone is responsible for the purchasing of their own ticket. You can either purchase your ticket for $12.00 at the door or $10.50 online.


Schedule: There are so many cool sites to see! I am definitely into Taiko drumming and would not want to miss it! The festival schedule can be found here:

***I would like everyone to stay together as a group. If some people would like to see a different attraction from others, we should all decide on a meeting place at a specific time. We can certainly discuss options on the day or before via email.***

Duration: I will likely stay until the festival is complete. Members can stay or leave whenever they want but please notify me! Thanks!

Waiver: The host, group, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, festival and associates are not responsible in any way for attending members. Members who RSVP YES for this event are solely and totally responsible for their own personal safety and well being before, during and at any time after the conclusion of this event. The host, group, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, festival and associates shall be held harmless and shall be unconditionally free forever of any and all liabilities, obligations and responsibilities to any of the attendees, guests and all third party individuals, relatives and representatives