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The Caribbean Days International Street Parade and Food Festival!!!

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'Prepare to "get something and wave" when the fever of the island music takes over. Caribbean music gets people moving, young and old... there's nothing like it!'

It's almost here! The Caribbean Days International Festival Steet Parade and Food Festival!!!
(one of my 2011 costume winner pics)

Multicultural Street Parade and Food Fair and Marketplace

Join me and make a day of it! An early morning trek to North Vancouver to see the amazing costumes fill the streets and then when the parade is over, we will enjoy the flavors of the international food fair for lunch and then end the afternoon with some shopping in the the vendor market and listening to amazing music!

Parade Procession:
Each year, the streets come alive with the sights and sounds of Carnival during our Multicultural Street Parade! Enjoy the spectacle of a multitude of costumed revelers cavorting down the streets of North Vancouver. The Parade is truly a magnificent way to appreciate Caribbean culture, music and style.

International Food Fair :
Each year, participants from various Caribbean islands bring delicious tropical treats for sale. Roti, jerk chicken, flying fish, Jamaican patties, doubles and other spicy items have been featured. Food from other world locations is also featured. To complement this delicious buffet, you will find an assortment of spices and pepper sauces available, as well as cold drinks with which to wash them down.
The North side also features a large beverage (beer) garden, so that Festival-goers of legal age may relax with an ice-cold drink in the hot sun after enjoying their spicy Caribbean food.On the South side, an assortment of tempting snacks are available to those taking in the sights and sounds of the main Festival sound stage.

Crafts and Clothing Market:
A variety of clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts vendors join us at Caribbean Days. After we sample the food we can wander around the vendors market and do some shopping.

Caribbean Days Festival features an amazing outdoor music festival. Each year, the main sound stage plays host to a lineup of bands playing Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Latin, African and other international sounds to a large crowd. Singers, dancers and other performers entertain with sights and sounds from a wide range of cultures. Festival-goers are welcome to bring their blankets and find a spot on the grounds from which to take in the music. Our lunch plan exactly that! Enjoying the outdoor music. We have no plan to pay to go in to watch bands. They play outside. We can hear them just fine :) (If you would like to stay on your own later and enjoy a show, please feel free to check the schedule on their website )

This Event Details --read

Date Saturday July 27 *8:30-8:55


* You will need a watch to be at meeting spots on time. please. parades are too loud to count on cell phones.

*The parade is not officially begin until 10 but I like to have time to go off to see the costumes at the furthest end or (for those who prefer) to have time to find a good spot to watch from. We will divide up before 9 and split up until the procession ends.

the group will essentially split into smaller groups during the actual procession for 10. ( the 'movers' and the 'more stationary or slow walking'. ;)

**full disclosure: I will tell you in advance this is not a parade I watch sitting down and I run off and end up lapping the entire parade. Most people will want to find a nice location from which to watch the parade go by, which I expect is normal, and that's okay too! LOL I will do my best to find out the area of the judging locations in advance (as that is where the bands all stop to perform their best) so you will know best where to plant your feet, chairs or blankets. =) **enjoy the parade and we will all be meeting up together to head over to the food fair for lunch directly after the parade is over.

-Before the parade procession begins, we will have a map and a specific place to meet up again after the parade has ended so we can then hit the Food Fair together for lunch and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Where: morning MEET UP Location:

McDonalds. North Vancouver's Waterfront Park, near the Lonsdale Quay Seabus Terminal

Time 8:30 AM. Parade usually starts at 10 A.M. and runs 1.5 hours. The Food Fair will be in full swing for lunch when the parade is over.

What if I am late?
Let us know. please. Late comers are welcome but at five to 9am, we will be heading out to watch to parade and scope out our spots, so please if you are late and unable to reach anyone, please watch the parade and we will meet up with you when the parade is over and you can join us for lunch, shopping and music while we discuss the amazing costumes and compare pictures! WEAR A WATCH. Cell phone will be unreliable. The music is loud an everyone will be paying attention to the procession.

Lunch time/late time meet up location I will do two ' pick ups'. One 8:30 -9 at the mcdonalds near the seabus terminal and

12 noon (or just after the parade if it runs late) at

Marble Slab. Outside. On west esplanade near waterfront park. I will try to check this board for messages if you are running late.

From marble slab we will walk over to the food are of waterfront patk to pick out a spot to eat and pick our lineups. ;) when lunch is over some people may opt to go into the beer garden and after that we can shop the marketplace before going our seperate ways.

I will be leaving around two. If I do not get a chance to say goodbye to you later dont be offended. I have a crazy day. :)

. I will check here. leave me a message. please. I will do my best to accommodate you.)

Things to bring/remember
1. Sunscreen
2. Hat /sunglasses ( yes we are assuming the sun will not disappoint.. It's only may now so please make sure that you check your weather the day before and the morning of to find out how to be best prepared for it)
3. Water
4. Money. the did have an ATM available on site last year. I will try to confirm this before the event but in any event be prepared to bring a little cash.
(The average meal was $10. The beer garden will allow you to buy two (if it's the same as last year) and most of the vendors take cash. I got the coolest bracelet there last year for 5 bucks and i will probably grab at least an orange juice at mcDonalds. Plan to gave a fun day that ends as a group around 2 or 3)
5. Camera
6. Smiles to share
7. something to sit on -as long as you are willing to carry it around with you ;)

8. "meal" is relative. The food is prepared in tents or trucks and served from the same. Please do not be expecting to be served. You will have to get in a line to get the food of your choice. As a general rule of thumb.. the better the food, the longer the line :) Number 8 is patience and realism. ;) Bring lots. (That being said, some of the food starts cooking days in advance... yummy! my once a year, three day curry goat!

Please keep your rsvp current and if we are supposed to find you then I recommend a current photo to help us out. ty.

a few of my favorites in case you can't wait to jump! (
This will be updated as necessary please be sure to reread details