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OPA! Greek Summer Fest 2013 - Day 11

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OPA! The Vancouver Greek Summer Festival is an annual celebration of food, entertainment, and family fun — from the famous “Roast Lamb” and “Loukoumades” (a specialty Greek dessert) to the dozens of live singers and dancers on the Performance Stage to face-painting for the children (and adults!). The first Greek Summer Festival was held in 1987 as a small weekend event, attended mostly by members of the St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Church as a fundraiser for the church. Since then, the festival (now simply known as “Greek Fest”) has grown to 10 days over two weekends, encompassing the Canada Day Holiday. It is now attended by almost 40,000 people from all areas of the culturally diverse Lower Mainland, as well as many visitors from around the world.

When: The summer festivities begin on June 27, 2013 and ends on July 7, 2013. The times are 12pm - 1pm for Monday - Thursday and 12pm - 11pm for Friday - Sunday.

July 7, 2013 (our event date) will be the 11th and final day. The festival opens at 12pm and ends at 11pm. You are welcome to leave whenever you like.

Where: The festival is adjacent to the St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church on 4641 Boundary Road in Vancouver.


How to find us: I will be standing behind the hedges at the side of the St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church. This will be at the Boundary Road x E.29th side of the church. Please refer to the picture.

Cost: FREE Admission but you would have to pay vendors and at concessions.

Host Expectations: I am not a professional and as such I strongly encourage all attendees to this festival and future ones to explore and wonder the grounds freely. This is an "organic", loose event that is not strict and linear. In other words, if you choose to eat something and I, the host, chooses to listen to music then I won't hold you against your will. At the same time, we're all adults and I won't be your guide in this event as I do intend to have a good time as well. You are more than welcome to hang around with me, just please refrain from being clingy and go without any expectations in your mind. Remember, the main objective of this event and any festival event is to have fun, and that goes for the host as well!

***If you decide to bring family members or children you are responsible for them!

Waiver: The host, group, St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church, festival staff and associates are not responsible in any way for attending members. Members who RSVP YES for this event are solely and totally responsible for their own personal safety and well being before, during and at any time after the conclusion of this event. The host, group, St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church, festival staff and associates shall be held harmless and shall be unconditionally free forever of any and all liabilities, obligations and responsibilities to any of the attendees, guests and all third party individuals, relatives and representatives.

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