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Crown a Paintball Queen or King!


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Just learned about this place, and I've been eager to organize an event ever since. I'll need to gauge interest before calling them to book the day as well as to get some group pricing, however I remember it being reasonable and on-par with other paintball places. $19.99 admission (includes gear, training for beginners and experienced alike, briefings, use of the Base Camp, 12-14 games and insurance), plus the cost of whatever number of paintballs you want to purchase. Note: if you have your own gear they must inspect it first, and they only allow their own paintballs on site for insurance purposes.

Delta Force offers a few unique twists that I've yet to find elsewhere, and why I want to go there. First, it's an all-day affair. We can bring our own food, order a few munchies there, or have pizza delivered. Secondly, they organize not one, but 12-14 different 'scenes' throughout the day, where we're briefed beforehand and essentially pretend we're on a movie set and/or real-life situation like prison buses, military tanks, forts, sniper towers, villages and bunkers. There's even the helicopter from Rambo II! For details:

I was also impressed with their gear (full head helmets, neck protection, safety vests, and full-length camo suits), and flush toilets on-site. Plus folks who just want to come and cheer us on without playing, can!

The location is easily accessibly by the 620 bus, where you get off just before the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal at Tsawwassen Drive S, and then walk about 650m along that road to Delta Force. We can definitely arrange carpooling too, for those who would rather.

We'll be there rain or shine, and they do have covered areas in all of the courses - however you'll want to dress accordingly, bring some comfortable shoes, and a change of clothes for after. There are pay-per-use lockers on site to store your things as well.

Please print out, fill out, and bring this form with you the day of the event to save everyone time: