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Ever wanted to go geocaching, but had yet to? Or, are you a geocaching addict and want to share your love of the activity with others? This is your opportunity to learn and/or share your knowledge in a group setting, with other shy folks and have a blast!

What is geocaching? Essentially, it's a high-tech treasure hunt in a group setting. You're given a set of coordinates and/or a puzzle to figure out, and locate 'caches' (a hidden waterproof container with some items inside) using a touch of skill, some ingenuity, a bit of trail blazing, a lot of respect for the environment, and a keen eye. Once you've found the cache, you can sign the log book, take a memento (if there's something to take - you'll want to leave something small and inexpensive behind if you do), and mark off that you found it before moving on to the next. At the end of the day, the team that has found the most caches and/or found them all the fastest, wins a prize!

This is an outdoor activity in a relatively busy public park, so please dress for the terrain and weather - think heavily forested paths with some muck and/or bush whacking. A basic safety kit will be provided to each team. This event will continue rain or shine - and your team is depending on you!

At the moment, this event is free, however if we need to rent equiptment (Garmin GPS systems) due to lack of smartphones, we may ask for a small donation to cover the cost.

If interested, there are several coffee shops and restaurants nearby that we can go to afterwards for a celebratory bevvy and/or meal.

The Fine Print
- Parking is available along Patterson for free on the weekends; the further you go down Patterson towards Imperial, the more street parking there is. For those taking transit, this is kitty corner from Patterson Station.

- There are several bathrooms available around Central Park; we will provide a map and GPS coordinates to each team.

- Although only optional, if you have a weather-friendly flashlight, tweezers, gloves for handling potentially hazardous materials (you never know when you may encounter animal poop!), or a map of the area, please do bring them along.

- If you have a GPS unit, or GPS-enabled smartphone and are willing to use it, please let us know when you RSVP. Also, make sure you have a GPS locator or geocaching app downloaded. Essentially, you need to be able to plunk in a GPS coordinate, and have your application get you relatively close to the intended location. A couple of meters makes a huge difference in a park! Some to try:

• Google Maps (free), Waze ( (free), or ViewRanger ( (free), multi-platform

• Traxx ( ($9.99) or CacheSense ( (free 30-day trial, $9.99 to register) Blackberry

• iGeoKnife ( ($3.99) iPhone

• c:geo ( (free) Android

• Go To Tool ( (free for lite use, $3.99 for full use), webOS

• Geocaching by Groundspeak ( ($9.99) for iPhone, Android, Win7 - if you really fall in love with this sport, this is the one you'll want eventually.

- Try to bring 3-5 tiny/small/inexpensive items to leave behind in the cache, should you decide you want to take something from the cache. It's one of the basic rules of geocaching - if you take something, please leave something behind. Appropriate items are kid-friendly, small, and personal to you somehow. Think stickers, stamps, a note, a small toy or keychain, etc. This is completely, 100% optional.

- This will be posted on; you can join for free, connect with others, learn more about geocaching, and even download their app for your smartphone (nice, yet completely optional). Let us know when you RSVP what your user name is, so we can connect with you too and add you to the group page.