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The Critical Hit Improv Comedy Show at the Rio!

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Featuring some of the best improv comedian's Vancouver has to offer, the critically hit show entitled "The Critical Hit Show", plays on the last Wednesday of every month at the Rio Theater in Vancouver, conveniently located right beside Commercial skytrain station. Keep in mind you don't need to be a dungeons and dragons fan to enjoy this. The first time I went, I knew practically nothing about dungeons and dragons but still had a great time.

More information from their website:

"THE CRITICAL HIT SHOW: A Live Dungeons & Dragons Comedy Experience! Join Vancouver's best comedic performers at The Rio Theatre on the last Wednesday of every month as they quest for glory and snacks in this live, improvised spectacular! THE ADVENTURERS: Eric Fell as The Dungeon Master. Ian Boothby as Benoit the Anointed, the Half-Elf Cleric. Joanna Gaskell as Edda, the Elf Barbarian. Lauren McGibbon as Grima Windwords, the Human Thief. Allen Morrison as Spitz Luben, the Human Wizard. Shaun Stewart as Brask Hellbeard, the Dwarf Fighter. More monsters! More Magic! More Mayhem! More Off-Brand soda! This show is a licensed event, so it's 19+ No minors."

Tickets can be bought either..
- online for only $6, or
- at the door for $9

Buy them online here:

The show starts at 8:00pm but doors open I believe at 7:00pm. The plan is to meet at 6:30 outside the Rio theater and from there to decide where to go to eat. If you're coming late we will likely be at both the Pita Pit (,+BC&ll=49.262134,-123.069513&spn=0.005867,0.009645&hnear=1661+E+Broadway,+Vancouver,+British+Columbia+V5N+1V9&t=m&z=17) across the street or Kyles Cafe (,Vancouver,+BC,+Canada&cid=0,0,4584355651471122146&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A). We get a 10% discount at the Pita Pit, so that's where we usually eat (and it's across the street from the Rio)!!

[A] - The Rio Theatre (1660 E Broadway) (,+Vancouver,+BC,+Canada&daddr=1661+E+Broadway+Vancouver,+BC+to:2627+Commercial+Drive+Vancouver,+BC&hl=en&ll=49.262336,-123.070352&spn=0.002934,0.004823&sll=49.262336,-123.070352&sspn=0.002948,0.004823&geocode=FXOu7wIdOBiq-CnD_YbeTnGGVDGdfJY3H3QCYA%3BFQqv7wIdUBmq-Cl1PTgcT3GGVDE_An0gduPeqA%3BFamp7wIdkBqq-Ckls_WUTnGGVDE74ecsDJznIA&oq=1660+E+Broadway,+Vancouver,+BC&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=18&layer=c&cbll=49.262336,-123.070352&panoid=sWdT0i5COBDGcWkpPod2dQ&cbp=13,194.02,,1,-10.81)
[B] - Pita Pit (1661 E Broadway) (,+Vancouver,+BC,+Canada&daddr=1661+E+Broadway+Vancouver,+BC+to:2627+Commercial+Drive+Vancouver,+BC&hl=en&ll=49.262337,-123.0705&spn=0.002948,0.004823&sll=49.262336,-123.070352&sspn=0.002948,0.004823&geocode=FXOu7wIdOBiq-CnD_YbeTnGGVDGdfJY3H3QCYA%3BFQqv7wIdUBmq-Cl1PTgcT3GGVDE_An0gduPeqA%3BFamp7wIdkBqq-Ckls_WUTnGGVDE74ecsDJznIA&oq=1660+E+Broadway,+Vancouver,+BC&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=18&layer=c&cbll=49.262338,-123.070641&panoid=AqcyTcKYWHHL5dh8pJ56_g&cbp=13,344.58,,0,-4.2)
[C] - Kyle's Cafe (2627 Commercial Drive) (,+Vancouver,+BC,+Canada&daddr=1661+E+Broadway+Vancouver,+BC+to:2627+Commercial+Drive+Vancouver,+BC&hl=en&ll=49.260966,-123.069787&spn=0.002948,0.004823&sll=49.262336,-123.070352&sspn=0.002948,0.004823&geocode=FXOu7wIdOBiq-CnD_YbeTnGGVDGdfJY3H3QCYA%3BFQqv7wIdUBmq-Cl1PTgcT3GGVDE_An0gduPeqA%3BFamp7wIdkBqq-Ckls_WUTnGGVDE74ecsDJznIA&oq=1660+E+Broadway,+Vancouver,+BC&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=18&layer=c&cbll=49.260966,-123.069787&panoid=dijxr7SPze4EbpOcpeL6UA&cbp=13,273.51,,0,-4.96)

Most of us sit on the right side of the theatre..

If you can't find the group or if you arrive late then please give Ian ( a call at- or a text to (Unfortunetly Ian can't attend this one. Scroll to the bottom for Marc's number)

If Ian ( isn't picking up because he can't hear his phone (or he mistakes you for the paparazzi who's constantly hounding him for photos and autographs and, oddly enough, free copies of his best-selling 'secret' memoirs titled; A Glimpse Into the Life of Ian, with Free(!) 200-Page Pull-Out Instructions On How To Give Sensual Massages While Singing Opera Klingon), aaaannd if you don't mind receiving text replies from Marc ( asking you;
what the colour of your eyes is,
and how your day's been,
and what your favourite colour is,
and which 'Shy group' event you prefer,
and if you'll play Werewolf with the group at the weekly Board Game event,
and if you prefer pasta to rice,
and who's your favourite character on the 'Big Bang Theory',
and if you like Gelato,
and which is your favourite animal,
and if you answered that you prefer rice, did you know that brown rice is better for you,
..and a whole lot more very annoying chatter, send..
Marc Marc Marc Marc Marc ( a text to 604 - 524 - 2790.


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