Canceled Meetup

Ask Any Dating Question Over Tea, Coffee and Treats!


After repeated requests to host an evening where folks can pick my brain, I've made arrangements with a lovely coffee shop to take over part of their business for a night. Join us for tea, coffee, treats or just great conversation! (actually - wait, do buy something, that's the condition of me being able to book the space)

As we're sharing the space with other patrons, I'll basically answer questions one-on-one, although feel free to listen in if you have a similar query. I have zero judgement, and you really can ask anything. We will briefly discuss confidentiality at the start of the evening, so, in a nutshell: everything shared is to remain at the table, and everyone who comes out must agree to this.

If you just want to socialize and meet new people, that's cool too! Camellia has an amazing assortment of treats and drinks, as is a short block up from Royal Oak Skytrain. There is street free parking, but it's first come first served; I find it's easier along the side streets a block or two down towards Rumble if there's no room at the venue itself.

Food: sandwiches, soup, desserts, pastries - there's enough substance here for a light dinner or snack, with a few unusual offerings (tea float, or earl grey cake with blueberries, anyone)? Prices are average in my opinion.