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Play Capture the flag!! Get outside and join me and the ESV contingent to CTF!

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Capture the Flag! Enough said. Who's in?

never played? can you run? Then you're good!!
show up ready to laugh and run and steal the flag! Capture the flag and return it to your own team's territory without getting tagged into temporary jail.

Attendees will be broken down into two teams by the host group: IAV (Improv Anywhere Vancouver)

Each team will have it's own flag. May the best team win!

I have been participating in events with Improv Anywhere Vancouver for some time now. I usually want to go off and be silly and do my own thing, push my own boundaries, break down my own walls and remember how to play. I'm now sharing it with you.

Capture the flag is simply a 'more the merrier' game. With enough people you have jailbreaks , guard strategies, and team work of the sneakiest fashion :)
Come and join us for some real 3d interactive fun!! put the board games away for a few hours and come out and play a moving piece :)
Get in the game
Come out and play!!

Summer CTF Details

SCHEDULE (Subject to change):-
August 10th
- August 24th
- September 7th
- September 21st
(* If you are coming out as a member of ESV, to join in an event hosted by Improv Anywhere Vancouver or their associates.. make us look good! Be good sports! )
(Re: future games: on the day that the event passes, the next one will be copied to the calendar for rsvp's.
so, Aug 10 i will post the openings for the august 24 game, Aug 24 I will post the openings for the Sept 7 game, etc)

This game is hosted by IAV, not meetup. I am sharing my invitation with members of ESV to join me and them, with respect. :) Good sportsmanship is important to our reputation. I am hopeful that I won't regret extending this invite to all of you.

From Host: "Missed the first game? Join us for round 2! The object of the game is for players to make their way into the opposing team's territory without being tagged. The flag is defended mainly by tagging opposing players who attempt to take it. Within their own territory, players are "safe", meaning that they cannot be tagged by opposing players. Once they cross in to the opposing team's territory, they are vulnerable..." Check out some pics from July 27th's #CTF event here -> #Standupandplay
Here's our video from 2011:
please keep your rsvp current. a bunch of 'no shows' or last minute cancellations would ruin the game. It can also count against you for future attendance rights if you are a no show. Thanks for your help with this.


a sense of humor
good sportsmanship
friendly attitude

be prepared for weather
please consider sun protection
BRING YOUR OWN WATER/DRINKS/HYDRATION none will be provided for you

bring water. bring water. bring water. also, sunscreen, bring water. did i mention water? (please make sure your water and things are marked( unless you have a one of a kind water bottle that no one else could ever possibly mistake for their own. lol)

MEETing location:

INSTRUCTIONS:- Meet at the top of escalators (by the ticket machines) at Yaletown–Roundhouse Skytrain Station.
- AFTER we gather as a group and i check in the right number of bodies, we will join the IAV group.

From there, an Improv Anywhere Team Leader will divide the teams and together, you'll head to the "playing field" -> George Wainborn Park.
Pre Meetup Meetup: 5pm-6pm, I am going to grab a coffee and small bite at Cafe Artigiano (and use the washroom :)) near the Yaletown roundhouse Skytrain.. It's located at 302 Davie Street. If you would like a seat it's a good idea to speak up (and come and claim one) :)

WAIVER-Members attending this event are solely and totally responsible for their own personal safety and well being before, during, and at any time after the conclusion of this event. The host, group, organizer shall be held harmless and shall be unconditionally free forever of any and all liabilities, obligations and responsibilities to any of the attendees. By RSVPing yes to this event, you are automatically agreeing to the terms of this waiver.