Canceled Meetup

Lucky Key Trivia Friday @ East Side Craft House

Location image of event venue


The quiz always starts off with a list of rules from the Quizmistress. Rules are simply no phones, no shouting out the answers, and no jackasses. You and your team will be asked 15 questions per round plus an “audio bonus” question. There are three rounds plus a “lighting round” between them. Winning the lighting round will earn your team a free pitcher of beer.

Besides the jug of beer, we give out $65 in gift cards every night, a plate of wings, and a bomber of craft beer to go. Teams may also be awarded with a round of shots for “enthusiasm”. Not to be confused with being drunk and belligerent.

After each round, the top teams will earn one or many “lucky keys”. The better your team does the more keys you get. In the end a key is drawn at random to award the final $50 gift card. The more keys you have, the better your odds.

Following the quizmistrees will surely pay off, as she posts a free answer every week at