Clubbing @ Republic!

Extremely Shy - Looking for Friends?
Extremely Shy - Looking for Friends?
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958 Granville St · Vancouver, BC

How to find us

Look for the glowing braclets

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It's time to go back to Republic. This always seems to be a popular venue with well over 100 RSVP's between both groups each time we go! We will have FREE COVER until 11:00pm! Just tell the girl in the VIP line that you are with "meetup". They have two dance floors playing two different types of music so make sure to check them both out. It's also an important night for glow sticks because we can be all over the place in a venue this large.

Come join us for a night of drinking, dancing & socializing and let's spend some time with great friends. We're a friendly and easy going bunch so don't worry if you can't or won't dance. Just show up and have a good time with us!

Join my group if you want to see more events. There's one every single week in my group but only a few get posted here.

We will be wearing glow bracelets so you can find us. You can bring your own or pick one up from Meghann (wearing a bunch of them) for $1. That way people can tell you are with our group. It's really helpful if you are new to the group. Can't wait to see you all there!

***Remember to bring two pieces of ID. Every place we go to has to check your ID no matter how old you are.

Frequently asked questions:

I can't make it there on time, can I come later? YES! You are welcome to come at anytime! Don't worry, we are happy to have you whenever you can get there.

It's too late to RSVP, can I still come? YES! It's not a problem if you decide to come last minute and RSVP's are closed or you just forgot to make one.

It's my first time and I'm shy... Make sure you come early! The later it gets, the busier it gets which makes it harder to find people. Make sure you have a glow bracelet. Without one people think you are the just a random person trying to talk to them (most people don't like random people coming up to them in a bar). Find some people wearing glow sticks that look shy like you, talking with a group or are on their own. Ask if they are from Meetup then start chatting. REMEMBER - each time you go, you meet more people. There are tons of regulars that attend each week so the more you come, the more you meet and the more fun you have!

How do I find you? Many people in our group wear glowing bracelets so you can spot us in the crowd. It's also good to look at who's attending ahead of time so you can recognize some people as well.

Is this a singles group? No - Anyone is welcome to join no matter what your relationship status. This is NOT a dating group. It is NOT for finding someone to hook up with. Anyone found using this group to just pick people us will be removed. If relationships form over time that is fine but it is never acceptable to try to take someone home from this group if you just met them, especially if they have been drinking.

Do I have to dance with the group? You are welcome to hang out with the group or dance with your friends. Most of our members do hang out in a large group together. I would love for you to at least come find me and say hello so I who is attending the event.

Do I have to wear a glow stick? No. We wear them so you can find us. If you would like one, you are welcome to bring your own or pick one up for $1 by asking the organizer of the event (normally Meghann wearing a bunch of them) for one. They make it easy for us to tell who is part of our group and let you know who you can talk to. We use this money to help cover the monthly meetup fees that charges the organizer.

Can I come if it's a birthday or special event? Yes, even if you don't know the person it is no different than a regular event of ours. Please come and join us and meet some new people. Everyone is always welcome!

Parking: There's street parking everywhere we go. Sometimes I have to walk a few blocks or circle around to find a spot. Parking meters are FREE AFTER 10pm so this is the cheapest way to park. Try not to park in lots, they over charge and can be hard to get in to late at night.

Notes: -When I tell you we are switching to another bar, just say you are with "Meetup" to get in free. I'll only ever switch bars if I can get us in free. You can leave your coat behind and pick it up before 2:45am so you don't have to pay for coat check twice. -If you ever think the music is too loud, bring some ear plugs with you. If you forget, I have some in my bag for $1 a pair.

Coat Check: Please be careful if you bring a coat and decide not to use the coat check. I have seen quite a few people have their coat stolen. $4 for coat check is a lot cheaper than a new coat. People have even had their coats stolen when all our coats are in a pile together. Please only leave something unattended if you don't care if you lose it (like an old sweater). Girls - you'll have a lot more fun if you aren't carrying around a big purse. Try finding a tiny purse just for the bar that you can sling over your shoulder while you dance.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have any issues, please let Meghann or another host know.