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Boardgames meetup (Monday edition)

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The "Monday recurring Boardgames" now have received good response. We will host this event every Monday starting July 2nd.

Looks like Kafkas is the venue of choice for the moment. The owners are very accomodating in reserving tables for us and staying open an hour later. Please be supportive and buy something while we are there!

Please post in comments to arrange for games that you will bring or games you wish someone would bring. Also please arrange for carpooling if needed.

In order to maintain our good relationship with Kafka's, we ask members attending weekly Monday night board games to purchase at least one drink or food item during the course of the evening. If none of the food or drink choices appeal to you then consider tipping a dollar or two in the tip jar by the cashier register instead.

Additionally, please remember that Kafka's does close at 10:00. So please plan your time so that you will have finished putting your games away by 10:00 and will be ready to leave. Remember the staff at Kafka's are mostly students and they're already staying an extra hour to accommodate us. Every minute longer that we stay is a minute of studying or sleep time that they will be losing.

Kafka's has a few other requests from our member that I would like to put here as well:

- Please do not leave games and/or articles of clothing at unoccupied tables or unused chairs. We don't want to discourage regular customers from coming in and sitting down because all the chairs that aren't being used have jackets hanging on them.

- Please do not use the two larger tables closest to the entrance. Aaron the owners of Kafka's wants regular customers to be able to walk by and see open spots so that they are more likely to come in and order something. Walking by and only seeing a large noisy group playing board games can be intimidating and scare away a lot of business.


The Waiting List

Due to the high popularity of this event there is often a long waiting list to get in. The wait list however is only in effect between 6 and 7:30 as this is when Kafka's is the busiest. After 7:30 any member whether they are on the waiting list or not is welcome to show up and play games with us for the remainder of the evening. We also usually go out for food at the nearby congee noodle house at 10:00 if you are interested.


In order to purchase more games for the group we will occasionally ask members casually for a small donation ($1-$2 or whatever you're willing to donate) towards buying new and awesome board games for this group. Please feel free to donate or not, it's not mandatory but would be nice to have your support.

The Games We Play

Settlers of Catan- One of the most popular board games probably because it is quite beginner friendly, Catan involves players attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources.

Ultimate Werewolf- Very similar to Mafia in case you have played that. Ultimate Werewolf has long since become a staple for this group, in no small part due to Marc's obsession with it :) . Players at the beginninng of the game will be dealt a single card which tells them their character in the game (for example a Werewolf or a villager). Then, players will close their eyes as the werewolf's alone get to open their eyes and decide who to kill. Then after all special characters have had a chance to act, all players will open their eyes and try to decide by democractic vote who they want to vote. The game ends either when there are no werewolf's left or no villagers left.

Saboteur- A personal favorite of mine, saboteur is a game where by placing cards across the table, players will attempt to dig from a starting point in an attempt to reach the gold 7 spaces away. But in their way will be saboteurs, players who are secretly trying to stop the gold from being reached. A hilarious game where half the fun is just trying to figure out who the saboteurs.

Ticket to Ride- Ticket to ride is another great game for beginners where players try to build railways to connect cities and reach important destinations while not getting cut off by fellow players.

Munchkin- This one seems to be played quite a bit but surprisingly i've never played it. If somebody would like to write something up about it then that would be great.

I'll add more games to this list as more come to mind. If you're reading this then feel free to contribute some of your own as well.