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Are you already practicing yoga and want to deepen your practice and even meet other like-minded people? Have you considered trying yoga but practicing in large studios or gyms intimidate you?

Yoga at Eyes Wide Open is not just any kind of yoga, but the best personalized instruction to suit your needs.

Whether you're seeking to maintaining physical wellness, mindfulness, emotional balance or a spiritual path, yoga will work for you.

You can practice yoga without needing a background in meditation, stretching or a particular religion. Yoga is non denominational.

Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means "Union." It helps you "mind" your body so to speak as it brings awareness of both your limitations and your possibilities. It helps you calm your mind and connect with a deeper sense of self where you can drop your defenses and get in touch with love and compassion. It fosters equanimity and joy.

The Yoga Network of SW Florida wants to promote yoga as a practice that helps you regain body wisdom and maintain balance, and it also wants to help students and teachers connect.

As we build a community of teachers and students we can all together explore the roots in yoga, practice meditation and find inner peace.

So, come and join our community and enjoy the services, event and resources we will make available to you! Individual and group sessions at affordable rates. Drop in or buy a yoga pass at (

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