What we're about

This is for all of you out there who sort of want to give running a go, but are a little bit "wooo" about taking it up or coming back to it.

The hardest thing is showing up, there is nothing harder than taking that first step! But when you do, it is fantastic.

I am not saying you won't curse me or you'll be free from aches and pains, but that aside, you will feel great - that week on week you'll be able to do that little bit more, like run for the bus and get on it....

Oh, and you can always come for a well deserved drink afterwards.


Tips and tricks on how to:

• Go from walking to running
• Running better
• Running further
• And enjoying it! (And you will enjoy it, even it if kills you!)


Ps: if you have any questions, such as 'am I fit enough, will I fit in, is it right for me', just email me at dave@fittereverafter.com

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