• Dia De Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever

    Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    Alright dolls, its that time of year again! You've heard of the Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead - a multi-day Mexican holiday celebration that includes festivals and parades, as well as gatherings of families at cemeteries to pray for their deceased loved ones and support their spiritual journies, right? No? Where have you been? Do a lil reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead All caught up? Good. This year's theme pays homage to the Monarch butterfly and its winter home, the Mexican state of Michoacán. Michoacán is also one of the two cultural heartlands in Mexico where the ancient traditions of Dia de los Muertos have been celebrated the longest and most vibrantly. We also embrace the Monarch butterfly as a symbol of Dreamers and Immigrants whose personal journeys echo the annual migrations the butterflies make between Mexico and the U.S. The Monarch’s pending inclusion on the Endangered Species list is also an urgent call to love and protect our shared earth. As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary at Hollywood Forever, we share our gratitude for the beautiful migration of Dia de los Muertos from its homeland of Michoacán to the heart of Hollywood. Still dont know what the heck I'm going on about? Here are the deets: Arrival/Meetup Location: We'll be meeting just outside the front gate at 5:00PM. I'm not sure if my hair will be visible because COSTUMES! so text me when you arrive and we'll coordinate locations. (714)[masked] Admission: $25.00 online pre-order / $25.00 cash at the door (bring exact change) http://hollywoodforever.ticketfly.com/ Attire: Dia de Los Muertos attire strongly encouraged – Come dressed in your finest getup. I will most definitely be dressed up. If you're interested in dressing up and need help with your makeup, let me know. Things to do: Tour the grounds and take in the beauty of numerous alters set up, live music, costume contest, Photo Booth, Dancing, etc. What NOT to bring: No Food, No Alcohol, No Glass Containers, No Bikes, NO CHAIRS, No coolers, No Skateboards, No Pets (Sorry ladies. Gotta leave Rex at home) Last year this place was NUTS later in the evening. There were a ton of face painting booths and food vendors for thouse of you who are artistically challenged and hungry. In cases like this, its best to have cash on you in the event they dont take card and you HAVE to have that Dia De Los Muertos Cat Sweatshirt what? MORE LINKS?! Yes please! https://hollywoodforever.com/event/dia-de-los-muertos/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812693486207/?lp=true See ya then! XOX V

  • Farewell Summer, Hello Pumpkin Spice Season!

    12001 Vista Del Mar

    In California it can be hard to determine when summer ends and pumpkin spice season begins. Do you find yourself asking, "When do I break out my fall swimsuits or my winter tank tops?" It’s hard to know how early is too early to begin planning for Halloween (Trick question Karen- it’s NEVER! Never too early!). In any case, I am bringing you what you didn’t know you needed! A hot dog and pumpkin pie party. Just Kidding. On Saturday (finally a Saturday!), September 28th, I will risk my life to secure a fire pit at the crack of dawn, for you all to dance around while wearing you fall swimsuits, winter tank tops and pumpkin spice Lipsmackers, as a final farewell to summer! (Even though it ends on the 23rd, the weather on the 28th will likely be exactly the same…) Bring your boyfriends/husbands, girlfriends/wives, best friends, and babies. Hell, bring you babies best friends and their wives/husbands. Just don’t bring your dogs… unless you so boujee you can afford the $300.00 tickety-ticket (Hey, not my rules. I blame Trump.) Everyone is welcome (but seriously, not the dogs. That wasn't a joke) This is going to be an all-day event, so come and stay all day or wait till its safe, after the sun sets and stay for a couple hours. We’ll have to be off the sand at 10:00pm so you can all get to bed at a reasonable time. I’ll be posting more details as the day gets closer (in the comments below), but here is what I can tell you so far: Dockwiler Beach: 12001 Vista del Mar Playa del Rey, CA 90293 (there are supposedly only 40 fire pits and they go fast so I’ll be there as early as 7:00am) Parking: $13.00/car (there are no ins or outs so bring everything you need. Also, depending on the weather, parking might be a bit difficult so plan accordingly) A few ideas on what to bring…….for those of you who have never left the house: Food to grill. Food to share. Pumpkin Spice Anything (Just a suggestion!) S’Mores Sunscreen if you’re coming early Towels, duh. Beach blanket or chair(s) Firewood or Charcoal Your little brothers pyro kit Drinks: Water/alcoholic** libations (not for the babies, calm down) Beach Umbrella E-Z Up/Shade Structure Ocean Floaties? Dry/Warm clothes if you plan on staying late into the night. Hairbrush/detangler (you'll thank me for this!) A friend who can french-braid my hair so I don't need a brush/detangler (HADI/REBECCA! <3) I’ll update the post to include where our pit is located, once I steal it from unsuspecting surfer bros. If you RSVP, please pay attention to the comments thread below in the coming weeks so you’re up to date on all the info. And if you can’t find me or just want to talk to me…about how hard life has been without Pumpkin Spice Lattes, feel free to text. Xoxo V (714)[masked] **I have confirmed that a couple babies will be bringing their parents… because babies can’t drive (obvi.) so although Dockwiler is an alcohol and weed friendly beach (God bless ‘em), please remember the babies and be responsible with your adult-fun. NO GLASS BOTTLES and if you’re gonna smoke, do it away from their teensy lungs.

  • Adventure Race? What? (No, you don't have to run)

    Los Angeles State Historic Park

    UPDATE: This event has been changed. The details below may no longer be 100% accurate. Same race, different timeframe. Please visit the Questival site to review the schedule for the day or text me directly and I’ll hold your hand. <3 PLEASE DO NOT RSVP UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR TICKET Alright,alright, IT'S HERE! This event is for all of you who have always wanted to bake a cake in the shape of a llama but have held back because there wasn't a prize involved. This event is for the people with heads full of the punniest team names and no team to use them on, and the people who have a burning desire to yodel at the top of your lugs in a public place.... FOR PRIZES! Thats right! Its QUESTIVAL TIME! Some of you may know what the heck I'm going on about, and others may not so I'll spell it all out for you (Straight from the website!) The Cotopaxi Questival is a 24-hour adventure race where teams of 2-6 friends explore the unknown in their city and the wild spaces around it, do things they never thought possible, and share the stoke with a fun and supportive community. Make 2019 the year you step off the map of your own life and explore new spaces with Questival. https://www.cotopaxi.com/products/questival-los-angeles-2019 EVENT SPECIFICS: Tickets: 35.00/person (PRICE INCREASES AFTER 1/16/19) The price of a ticket includes a Cotopaxi backpack AND a finisher medal! We will be creating teams based on 6 sets of people. The larger the team, the higher chance of completing more tasks within the 24 hour race window. Team Names, Team Slogans, Team Shirts or Costumes are encouraged! Since I'm the only one with a ticket at the moment, I'm going to call my team the OVARIAN FISTS! After you register, be sure to RSVP to this event. If you don't want to be an OVARIAN FIST, thats fine. You can make your own team, however, you'll need at least two people to be considered a team. FRIDAY CHECK-IN DETAILS Location: Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 5:00pm Check in at the Launch Event. 7:00pm Get your Team Flag and start your 24-hour countdown. 7:30pm Get underway with the kickoff challenge. Once complete, go explore the unknown. 8:30pm Check-in closes. CHECKPOINTS: There will be an optional checkpoint on Saturday. Checkpoint details will be announced through the app and at the launch event. SATURDAY CLOSING CEREMONY DETAILS Location: Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 6:00pm Closing ceremony begins. 6:30pm Sprint prizes are announced and awarded. 7:00pm Questival comes to a close. Go celebrate! Go sleep! Okay, I think that covers it.

  • Drag Your A$$ to Brunch!

    Hamburger Mary's


    YOU! ARE! GOING! TO BRUNCH! Because I said so. I always say so but this time you HAVE TO because its my birthday and I get what I want! Besides, you know you wanna. Now sure? I've got the two words to get your motor going: Drag Queens No? what about: Brunch Buffet Still nothing? Fine. BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS I knew that last one would get ya. If the photo above didn't clue you into the sweet, sweeet deets I'm bout to lay down then you need to upgrade to a rock with a rooftop patio. Living under it is soooo last year. My friend Hamburger, no sorry. Mary. Hamburger Mary hosts a little soiree every Sunday at 10:30 with some of the best lip-syncing, wig-wearing KWEENS in LA. And, I'm inviting you to come drink, sing, and covet all the sparkles, wigs and sequins. We'll be meeting at 10/10:30am on Sunday 8/18/19 (My actual birthday) at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach, CA. No, you don't need to use AllTrails for directions for once. If you've never been to a drag show, Hamburger Marys, or brunch before, its okay. Here's what you can expect: Hamburger Mary's in downtown Long Beach is located on Pine street. There are paid lots all over the place. If you can get a metered spot, be sure to stay on top of it. Those tickets can be nasty (not sure if metered parking in DTLB is free Sundays). Tip, tip, tip! These ladies are entertaining you and will be much nicer if you slip'em those greenbacks! Come with $5-$10 singles to show your appreciation! Obviously no grabbing without consent. Wear whatever you want, though I'm encouraging wigs and or Tiaras just for fun! Leave your ego at the door. Drag shows are vibrant, energetic affairs — so if you’re more of a reserved person, you’ve been warned. By showing up to a drag show at all, you run the risk of being read to filth (translation: cleverly and brutally insulted by a queen). In this way, drag shows are not very far off from comedy shows. Just don’t take anything too seriously — reading is fundamental to drag, after all. Table reservation is for 10:30, show starts at 11:00am and runs till 12:30/1. Fee due per person by 7/20/19: $7.00 (via Venmo to reserve VIP tables) What you pay per person on 8/18/19: $5.00 cover at the door $35.00 brunch & Mimosas If you don't have Venmo or RSVP (set at 15) is full and want to come or have questions, feel free to text me. xox V[masked]

  • (REPEAT OFFENDER) Deep Creek Aint For The Meek!

    Needs a location

    I know a place. I'll take you there. Aint nobody cryin. Aint nobody worryin... (The song is stuck in your head now, isnt it!) Good. It has nothing to do with this hike. Gather round my pretties, let me tell you a tale of a desert oasis where you can swim in a cool pond or hang out in a couple bath tubs made by mother nature. HOT SPRINGS! (Cue .Gif of excited Oprah) You're still confused. I know. Let me fix it - dont stop singing though. THE DEETS: PLEASE USE MY DIRECTIONS BELOW! Deep Creek Hotsprings Trail $10.00 PER PERSON CASH ONLY. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY IF YOU DON'T HAVE CASH. This is a moderately difficult hike. I say this because there isn't any shade on the trail and the hike back is mostly uphill. Its 4-5 miles round trip (2 miles down to the river and two miles back up hill). Some parts of the return hill are steep and sandy. Grippy shoes are definitely necessary. You'll also NEED WATER (at least two liters), sunscreen, swimming clothes, and lunch/snacks. The trail is in the high desert, afterall. Not to worry though. There is a fresh water source behind the springs where you can refill your reservoir or water bottle(s), before we head back. Dont panic. This was the 3rd or 4th hike I ever did and I promise you, I'm not dead. ;-) Its definitely doable and the payoff is SO WORTH IT! DISCLAIMERS: THIS HIKE IS NOT FOR THE MEEK OR SHY The hotsprings and swimming pond are "CLOTHING OPTIONAL" spaces. YES! THERE WILL BE NAKED PEOPLE SWIMMING WITH US. We will be picnicking and swimming for a bit in this shared space. In my past experience, every nude person I encountered was respectful and incredibly polite. If you are uncomfortable with nudity, consider sitting this one out. I'll miss you. No dogs or kids - unless your dogs are comfortable with nudity. LOL In addition to hiking, we will be picking up trash on the way back. This trail is notorious for jerks who leave their garbage. I will be bringing a few garbage bags for us to collect and Un-Jerk the place. There is a LONG dirt/rocky road up to the parking area. Cars with low clearance should be careful. I did this in my Jetta the first time but it took a long time to get in and get out for fear of going too fast. CARPOOLING RECOMMENDED. You will need to stop at the main hut to get a map (hand drawn and adorable) and pay. We'll be meeting at the trailhead at 9am and heading out at 9:15/30 for the stragglers. You know the drill, look for my obnoxious hair. Lastly, Alltrails has proved to be misleading for this trailhead. Please use the directions blow: 15 NORTH toward Hisperia Exit Main. LEFT onto Main a ways down (East) Main, there will be a fork at Rock Springs Road LEFT on Rock Springs Road Rock Springs Road will turn into Round Up Way. We will be meeting where the paved road ends and the dirt road starts. Or, you can wait for us at the trail head between 8:30ish If you're lost, call me (714)[masked] Need MORE info? Nervous? Bored at work and want to read more cool stuff? Fine. https://www.yelp.com/biz/deep-creek-hot-springs-apple-valley https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/sbnf/recarea/?recid=34152 https://calihotsprings.com/loc/hesperia-ca/deep-creek-hot-springs/ XOXO V

  • You know that trail with the thing that goes to that place....

    WOAH! Feels like its been a while since I posted a real hike. Europe was great, yes I missed you and our special Sunday mornings. Time to get back into the swing of things! I dont know about you but these stems aren't what they were before vacation so how about we take it easy this week? Yes? This weekend we're doing an EAZY-PEEZY hike. I like to call this one "Big Horn Mine", because theres a mine. But mainly because thats what AllTrails calls it (insert shrugging shoulder emoji here). Big Horn has been on my favorite list for over a year and yes my little daffodil, the time is here! Bring your kids, bring your dogs. Hell, bring your dude. According to AllTrails: "Great, leisurely hike with some inclines peppered along the way to give you a good sweat. Beautiful scenery through the entire trail. An Adventure Pass is required to park here." https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/big-horn-mine-trail?ref=sidebar-view-full-map Shes so helpful, right!! Unlike most of these hikes, I haven't done this trail before so its gonna be a Surprise Sunday sort of hike. However, you should always bring water (I always recommend 2 liters to be safe but MORE if you're bringing a pup or kid) and comfortable hiking shoes (because no one is gonna drag your high heel wearing princess ass back to the car). And obviously, you need to PROTECT YOUR LEATHER so dont forget that SPF! A few people on AllTrails have made it seem like there are actual mines that I'm assuming we can venture into so bring a flashlight or headlamps... or a "torch" for you Brits who haven't acclimated to US lingo yet. Cheers! We'll be starting this hike at 8am and will head out promptly at 8:15. PLEASE TEXT ME WHEN YOU LEAVE SO I KNOW WHETHER TO WAIT FOR YOU. (714)[masked] And as always, please use AllTrails for directions and bring your Adventure pass! https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/big-horn-mine-trail?ref=sidebar-view-full-map

  • Rive-maids under a Bridge to Nowhere: A "Hikenic".

    Needs a location

    Alright, I'm back and feel kind of American again. So, its time to Mer(ge) the wonders of euro-alfresco dining an my love for mermaids and the great American outdoors! With that said, I present to you: the HIKENIC! I know you’re confused. Let me set the scene: A hike along a river. In this case, its to a bridge that leads absolutely nowhere. A Picnic involving all the babes and champagne or beer (please drink responsibly - if I have to carry your body back to the car AND my gear i might be miffed!) and all all the hours in a day to relax, sunbathe, chat, bond, give Veronica presents.... - WHAT? - Okay, nix the gifts part. You... a hiker who longs to combine your love of rivers, chillin and champagne, without fear of hiking back to the car like a Tipsy Tammy. Its a hike... AND a picnic! (please tell me you got that before reaching this part of the post) Okay, time for the realness: This adventure could be 11 miles or much less, depending on the overall feel of the group and how much junk you need for a happy Hikenic. Since its been a min since we did a long hike, I say we hike in as far as we all feel comfortable and set up DAY CAMP! I will say though, there are some really cool rock pools and waterfalls to hang out in under the bridge, if y'all are committed. AllTrails rates the full hike moderate. There are a few moderate hills and a little scrambling and several stretches in direct sunlight. I predict you will need: Morning layers, swimsuit or clothes to swim in, Sunscreen!, 3 Liters of water (DONT SKIMP ON THE WATER!), dry socks or a hand towel, Picnic foods, a blanket to sit on, shoes that can get wet (We'll be crossing a river several times), a walking stick (not required but helpful-I have two in my car if you want one), and an Adventure Pass. Adventure Passes (AKA Parking Passes) can be purchased all over the place, but I recommend picking one up for $4.99 at REI or 711 prior to the hike (We'll probably be hiking in more state parks that will require the same pass so the annual pass for $30.00 might be a better option). You can buy them online as well, but not in time for this hike! I have an extra one (DM me if you want to borrow it). Kid, Dog, and dude participation discouraged. No Mer-men, please. As always, I recommend downloading the AllTrails app for route reference. Cell service cuts out about 1/3 of the way to the trailhead so PLEASE text me when you leave so I have a real idea of how many people to wait for. We will be meeting at 8am, and heading out to the trail between 8:15-8:20 for the stragglers. Its supposed to be HOT this weekend so make sure you are dressed appropriately and have enough water. Below are some links so you know what you'll be getting yourself into: 1. https://www.rei.com/product/810590/southern-california-daily-forest-adventure-pass 2. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/r5/passes-permits/recreation/?cid=STELPRDB5181410&width=full 3. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/east-fork-trail-bridge-to-nowhere (Again, we may or may not make it to the end. The goal is to find a good picnic/swim spot) 4. https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-the-east-fork-of-san-gabriel-river-to-the-bridge-to-nowhere/ 5. http://www.bungeeamerica.com/ CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU BABES! V[masked]

  • Skull Rock Loop

    Skull Rock

    Hello Ladies, It’s your hike Auntie here again filling in for V! This week we’ll be tackling the Skull Rock Loop in Pacific Palisades, be ready for some hills, sun, ocean views, a waterfall and you guessed it, a big rock shaped like a skull! This hike is a 4-mile loop on a pretty trafficked trail that will include a small bit of scrambling, a decent (but totally worth the views) amount of uphill and a waterfall on the return trek. I’ve done this trail once before but only to the Skull so this time we’ll get to enjoy the waterfall as well! It’s supposed to be sunny so don’t forget your water and sunscreen and please wear shoes with good grip again there will be some inclines and a little scrambling. No dogs are allowed on the trail so alas you’ll have to leave the fur babies home for this one. There is also a $10 fee for parking in the lot and you can pay by card or cash. We can also meet up and carpool to the lot to decrease the fee for everyone or park on Temescal Canyon Road before the park’s entrance. We'll be meeting at the trail head. USE ALL TRAILS FOR DIRECTIONS. Look for my very blue leggings! Sunday, 6/02/19 @8:30AM. We'll be heading out at 8:45 sharp. Can’t wait to see you all and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! USE ALL TRAILS FOR DIRECTIONS! :) https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/skull-rock-loop Your Hike Auntie, -L

  • Teepee and Brunch!

    Cross Town Trail

    Hiiyyyyyeeeee, Allow me to start off by introducing myself, I’m Lynn and I’ll be hosting while Veronica aka our amazing Hike Mama is off galivanting in Europe, at least I hope she is because if there was ever a time to galivant it would be while your in Europe, and I know I’m not your real mom but think of me as your Hike Auntie. I’m cool enough, sure eat some candy, stay up past your bedtime and watch that scary movie just don’t tell mom! Enough about me, lets talk about the trail we’ll be exploring this Sunday! We’ll be going to the La Canada Teepee via Crosstown Trail which promises amazing view, wildflowers, some steep inclines and you guessed it, a Teepee! This is a 2.7 mile (per All Trails) out and back trail rated as moderate, though some review note it as a bit longer and that there is no shade. Luckily for us we’ll be hitting the trail early and the weather is supposed to be overcast with a possibility of rain on Sunday. I’ll be keeping and eye on the weather and will update if the weather drastically changes. Things you should bring: Shoes or boots with a good grip, the hills will have some steep inclines. Water Sunscreen (even with the clouds the sun will get you!) A snack A sense of adventure (there is a Teepee y’all!) Children and dogs that can handle the steep hills are welcome to join but dogs must be kept on leash, please keep children on leashes at your own discretion. Once we’ve had our fill of hiking and the Teepee we'll head down to Hill Street Café for brunch. Their food and beverages are delicious, and their mimosa's are huge, also know per Yelp they do not allow dogs, even if they're your furbabies. Links for deets and as always, please use Alltrails for directions to the hike! La Canada Teepee via Crosstown Trail https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/la-canada-teepee-via-crosstown-trail Hill Street Café – LA Canada https://www.yelp.com/biz/hill-street-cafe-la-canada-flintridge See you then! xoxo - L

  • Ghost Towns and Champagne!

    Needs a location

    Hi Babes! One Year ago I decided that my body COULD and WOULD do more. I decided that I needed more girls in my life. I decided there was NOTHING wrong with stopping to catch my breath or being a Sweaty Betty. I decided I needed to do something adventurous and worthwhile with my free time. Thanks to all of you, I didn't have to do it alone! The last year has been such an incredible journey for me and I thank EVERY ONE of you for being a part of it. Thanks for letting me lead you into the wilderness and hype you up while you climb mountains with me! Thank for teaching me how to be a strong leader and bringing my incredibly OCD planning skills to the forefront of my life. Thanks for sharing this crazy year with me! Its time to celebrate! How about a glass of champagne at the top of a mountain before noon?! Sounds GREAT to me! Bring your mom. Bring your Dad. Bring your Boyfriend, your Girlfriend (WOAH! only if they get along!), kids and dogs! Bring the kitchen sink for all I care. The more the merrier!! We'll be heading to the top of whatever hill is behind Mentryville to take in the view, toast everyone who made this meetup a success over the last year and catch our breath! This is a moderate 6.8 mile, out and back hike through a ghost town and past the first oil well in Los Angeles. Remember how I forgot to tell you about that hill last time? Well, theres a hill this time. Its also a great place to explore and take photos. There is a $5.00 cash parking fee if you chose to park near the trail head. PLEASE BRING CASH! YOU WILL GET A $75.00 TICKET IF YOU DON'T! All the weather apps say it should be around 78 degrees on the day of the hike but no word of the cloud situation. There is little to no shade coverage on this trail so bring your sunscreen. Protect your leather! Grippy shoes for dirt hills and 1.5-2 Liters of water. Crazy Masks DEFINITELY welcome for celebratory photos! Bring something to toast with for the tippy top of the "mountain" (please drink responsibly post-hike). We can plan food after if people are feeling peckish I love you all and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! USE ALL TRAILS FOR DIRECTIONS! :) https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/mentryville-pico-canyon-trail xox V