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(This is Jared’s original diatribe, it’s so good that 110 of us joined, I didn’t want to change a word... from your FNG, Andrew)

I was recently divorced and have come to realize that I don't really have any male friends. It's partly because I'm introverted and lack social confidence. It's also partly because I moved here in 2008 and married the first person I met and never established my own social network. But it's mostly that I don't want to hang out with people I don't find entertaining. I need some male friends (and/or unattractive female friends). You must meet these criteria to join this Meetup:

- You are difficult to offend.

- You find the concept of "building your personal brand" fucking disgusting.

- You use profanity occasionally, but not to excess.

- You have an IQ of 110 or higher (I will accept less intelligent people if they prove to be hilarious).

- You're either single, able to leave your wife/girlfriend at home to hang out.

- You don't have a personality disorder.

- You can hold your liquor.

- You're an NFL fan.

- You wouldn't repel women if we went somewhere with single women and drank.

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