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This group is for anyone in or around Mansfield looking to make new and lasting friendships; our aim is to keep events as local as possible and to offer a range of activities which will suit all tastes and pockets. Some of you may recognise me as the former Organizer of other groups, but this is the first time I have started a group from scratch, so I can guarantee that there will never be any fees requested (although voluntary contributions are welcomed but not expected) and that the group will always be focused on the benefits of the members, not the interest of the Organizer.

My vision is that the group will be run by the members for the members; everyone in the group is encouraged to have an input into what we do (we have a closed Facebook group to help facilitate discussion) and I will offer help and encouragement to anyone who wishes to become an Event Organizer or Co-organizer, as it is only in this way that we can expand the range and number of activities on offer. The aim is to have 75% of all events within a radius of 10 miles from Mansfield, although there will be occasional forays into places like Nottingham, as well as day trips further afield and short breaks in the UK or abroad; I am conscious that another group which previously covered this area now seems to be duplicating the area covered by Amber Valley Friends, so I am adamant that this will not happen to this group.

I will be asking anyone who wishes to be an Event Organizer to meet certain requirements, such as sending a confirmation e-mail to attendees on the day prior to an event and arriving 15 minutes before the advertised time in order to greet members as they arrive, as I think these are important factors in making people feel welcome. As someone who suffers from severe social anxiety (even after attending and/or hosting over 200 meetup events, I'm still not completely anxiety-free), I want this group to do all it can to make itself accessible to those who have difficulties in attending; I've already made some good friends through meetup and I would like to make more, whilst offering the best opportunity for others to do so too.

I don't want to set a list of rules, but I would ask that members respect each other and remember that we are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, nationality, mobility, sexuality, personal beliefs, status or any other arbitrary means by which some might discriminate against others. Further to this, we are NOT a dating site (these are now against the current policies of meetup), so please refrain from messaging other members with a view to instigating relationships or hook-ups (what members do after meeting is entirely up to the consenting adults involved, of course); members who cause a nuisance in this way may be removed from the group. I would also ask all those who RSVP yes to an event to attend on time, or to change their RSVP at the earliest opportunity if not able to do so; we do not operate a "three strikes and out policy" - at least, not yet - but it is disrespectful to those members who attend if they are left waiting for someone who isn't coming (especially when they are outside in the cold!).

If you're looking for an inclusive group with a friendly atmosphere, open to everyone and which will attempt to provide opportunities to pursue all interests, then please feel free to join us, RSVP to any event which interests you and to message the leadership team if you would like us to something different; this is - and always will be - your group.

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