What we're about

Simply for scheduling regular FAST WALKS* together in & starting from West Mt. Airy.
With or without your dog/s! :) (I do love dogs!) --- and whether there are six of us or two or three of us.

* "Fast", meaning not brief, but swift, brisk -- for exercise and health.
(NOT "speed walking". Regular walking, but fast/brisk.)

No fixed schedule -- and no scheduling at ALL -- will be posted here. (No "Upcoming events" will be listed onsite here.) This is for self-starters, so reach out 'offline'/offsite:

Simply call, text (or email) me, Marcus, personally, directly, at 215-438-9839 (&/or Marcus@Relation-Shift.org) to check in (we can have a brief live phone chat) and see if we want to plan and agree to a time to meet outside in W. Mt. Airy for a FAST WALK together!

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