Resilience Testing a Monolith - Chaos on the Machine

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Mark Abrahams and Geoffrey van der Tas have been doing a Workshop on Resilience Testing. During this meetup they will demonstrate their work. This will be the testrun of the enhanced version of "Resilience Testing a Monolith" and an opportunity for them to get feedback.

A resilient service: is a stable & reliable service, has high availability, and does not compromise the integrity of the service or the consistency of the data. But how to test this?

That is what we will do during this Meetup. Together with you we will test the resilience of an Monolith Application Server by creating chaos in the form of failures & disruptions, to see what happens to our application.

During this workshop we will tell you more about:

Main statement: Resilience, Stress & Performance test your Monolith Application Server!
Key learning 1: What is Resilience testing
Key learning 2: Executing your own Performance/Stress Tests
Key learning 3: Executing your own Resilience Tests

17.30 Welcome & food
18.00 Basics in Resilience testing
18.45 Move to workshop & hands on with a coffee. Setup environment/help
19.00 Performance testing: Load & Stress excersize
19.45 Resilience testing: Different scenario's under load
20.30 Drinks, Networking & Questions

Requirements for the workshop:
- Java JDK 8 or newer
- Virtual Box (Must have virtualisation enabled in bios)
- IDE or Notepad ++ (or any other Scala editor)
- Putty or other SSH client