Past Meetup

OPENING NIGHT - Ringling Bros: Cruelest Show On Earth demo orgnzed by AAP


Join Animal ACTivists of Philly ( in fighting heartless animal cruelty @ a Ringling Bros Circus demo in Philadelphia!*

This event has been organized by our friends in Animal ACTivists of Philly (, all members of FAUN are encouraged to stand with them in Philadelphia against the horrendous Ringling Circus ( Please join us as we work to elevate public consciousness about the rights of elephants and other "circus animals", as well as expose and work against those whose livelihood is the slavery and subjugation of benign, innocent beings. Join us in the fight against Ringling!!!!

FACTS on Ringling Bros. Circus:

Photographs of baby elephants at Ringling Bros. training/breeding center in Florida can be seen here:

This is your chance to speak for these babies, their mothers, and all the other elephants and animals enslaved by Ringling Bros. primarily for one reason - to make Kenneth Feld, one of the 400 richest men in the country according to Forbes magazine, even richer.


WHAT: *AAP Cruelest Show On Earth demo @ Ringling circus in Philadelphia, PA*

WHERE: Wells-Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA

WHEN: Wednesday, February 13th, 2o13 (Opening night!)

TIME: 5:30 ~ 8pm

PARKING: Free parking is usually available in FDR Park, the southwest corner of Broad and Pattison. The park closes at around 7 pm, but you can still get out



**ATTENTION, "rideless" NJ/NY activists desiring to help at this Philly Ringling demo***: please contact [masked], we may be able to coordinate a carpool scenario.



--- Where we stand?

We will meet on the public sidewalk parallel to Broad Street south of Pattison Avenue, near the main PARKING LOT entrance to the Wells Fargo Center. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO COURT DECISIONS IN BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL COURT, WE ARE ENJOINED FROM PROTESTING INSIDE THE PARKING LOT. To read more about the federal decision, please click here (

--- What we do?

We hold signs. Due to the legal restrictions imposed by the arena, our ability to leaflet is severely constrained. We are able to somewhat promote our message if we have enough activists to cover all three parking lot entrances and enough volunteers so that someone is talking on a bullhorn at each entrance. Your presence is extremely important this year to show Ringling and arena owners that despite their bullying tactics, we will not give up and our message of compassion will be heard.

--- Parking?

There is free parking on Broad Street north of Pattison Avenue in the residential areas. Please note that although there is parking right across the street in FDR Park, in prior years, park rangers have issued "warnings" to people parking there after closing time, so it is recommended that you do not park there for the evening shows.

--- Police Interaction?

Little to none.

--- Bathrooms?

There are public bathrooms in FDR Park and restrooms in stores a few blocks north on Broad Street.

--- Receptivity of the patrons?

Ringling patrons are for the most part nasty and rude. We do not have much interaction with them because we are limited to the sidewalks.

--- Weather Dependent?

We will have our demonstration rain or shine, snow or sleet. The only way we will cancel is if the show itself is cancelled.

Until ALL are free...


Anthony Botti