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**FAUN vs. Ringling Circus of Cruelty demo @ IZOD Cntr in E. Rutherford, NJ**

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Shooting animals to death when the intense, unnatural confinement causes them to engage in aggressive or self destructive,stereotypical behaviors

*Continuously/routinely inflicting painful

punishments on animals who do not perform under a diabolical mixture of stress, fear and deprivation of all that is natural, as "necessary" to keep the animals obedient, the crowds entertained and the million$$$ rolling in.

*Cynically scoffing in the face of USDA *minimal* requirements of animal welfare, including adequate veterinary care, reasonable opportunities to engage in natural behaviors, sufficient space, exercise and drinking water.

The atrocities go on and on and on.

What you should know about Ringling Bros:

STEP RIGHT UP, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Cruelest Show on Earth! Ringling Bros ( 3 ring circus of hellish perversion has rolled into the tri-state area once again, and FAUN group fully intends to deliver the message of animal lovers/protectors in our home turf loud and clear to these vile, shameless animal abusers: "WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE, NOT TODAY, NOT TOMORROW AND NOT EVER! VILE ANIMAL ABUSERS - BEGONE!

ON Saturday, March 9th, FAUN ( will deliver yet another vocal demonstration to expose Ringling's ( disgusting, century-old, mile-long chronology of horrors , a pattern of cynical, cruel (and highly lucrative) atrocities against innocent animals ranging from primates to bears, to big cats, little cats, and of course, our beloved pachyderms, the elephants who roamed the savannas of Africa and the tepid jungles of southeast Asia free and unfettered for millenia before mankind had set foot on the earth, had learned, in his selfish, cynical way, to use, abuse and enslave these gentle giants.

FAUN and our friends are determined to fight Ringling tooth and nail, to be there in force at all their peak times, to make their stay in our region as DIFFICULT and SHAMEFUL as possible; With our inescapable, poignant signs, a variety of literature unraveling the lies and illusions perpetuated by Ringling ( about how they treat the animals at their mercy, relevant videos and an array of props, we will do our utmost to alert potential Ringling ( patrons to the horrors routinely occurring behind closed doors under The Big Top, and ask them, for the animals sake, to kindly find another form of "family time" entertainment - one that doesn't involve further enriching a despicable mafia of animal slave-driving pirates, & perpetuating an insidious soulless corporate enterprise like Ringling (, which soaks up millions every year on the cruelest immobilization, torture and absolute objectification of the animals whom we love so much.

Here are the details of Saturday 3/9's First (of two) Ringling demonstrations:

WHERE: Ringling's 3 Ring Circus of Horror and Atrocity @ The IZOD Center, 50 Route 120, East Rutherford NJ, 07072
WHEN: Saturday, March 9th, 2o13
TIME: 2:00-3:30pm
DETAILS on PARKING & POINT OF ASSEMBLY: As you approach the IZOD complex, please follow circus signs which will be posted everywhere, and enter the grounds with other circusgoers. You will be directed to an IZOD parking area, you can expect to pay $10-15 for parking (and we hope you will consider this, as we do, a small sacrifice given what these animals endure and what we are trying to accomplish on their behalf!). Once you are parked, it should be easy to find us, as we will be posted, most likely in a corralled area near the main entrance. ***PLEASE*** do not slip anti-circus flyers/leaflets on cars, under windshield wipers, or anywhere in the parking lot, for if you are caught you will be kicked off the grounds and there will be nothing FAUN can do to help you. Though IZOD Center is in fact private property, they will be expecting us, and will allow us to stage our demonstration. Again, we will be positioned in such a way that we'll catch the crowd on the way in and on the way out, so if you follow the crowd toward the Main Entrance, it will be difficult for you to miss us. If there are any questions or problems leading up to and including the day of the event, call[masked] and/or email [masked].


Please help FAUN & our friends/allies stand up for animals enslaved by the heartless, horrific enterprise known as Ringling Bros Circus. Animals are confined, abused and forced to spend their dismal, horrendous lives engaging in behaviors wholly unnatural to them, performing under constant threat of pain and punishment by this ravenous cash machine of a "circus"; they get treated like garbage even as those who survive all the horror, a joyless life of mechanistic use and abuse, approach convalescence.

Kenneth Feld, CEO of Ringling ( and his spineless gaggle of craven mafia thugs whose livelihood is the perpetual slavery, torture and subjugation of highly intelligent sentient mammals need to know how much the animal rights community LOVES and ADORES them. So, let's get out there and make some noise as the morbid, medieval caravan of slavery rumbles through our turf. We will let them (and everyone who supports them) know that we are ever vigilant; we will carry our message through until we are heard loud and clear; we won't let their inhuman, diabolical profit schemes slip by unnoticed , the general public WILL be informed; WE will let the Ringling mafia know in no uncertain terms that they are NOT welcome here ,that there is no place for them in our region or elsewhere in the modern world.

Again, WE will have signs, leaflets and relevant props. If you have something you want to bring, that's fine, but all you NEED to bring is YOURSELF, a heart full of empathy/compassion and a voice to demonstrate your love for pachyderms,primates, bears, big cats, all creatures great and small.

IF there are any questions about this demonstration or anything else on the FAUN calendar, contact Anthony at[masked] or [masked]. If you'd like to come to the demo(s) but securing a ride is your problem, please contact us, depending on where you are, we may be able to coordinate a ride or a carpool scenario.

blessed be ALL animals, FIGHT for their rights!!!

Anthony Botti[masked]