Past Meetup

AAP Ringling Bros. 'Cruelest Show on Earth' - TRENTON - SAT. EVENING PROTEST

Sun National Bank Center

81 Hamilton Avenue · Trenton, NJ

How to find us

We will be on the SIDEWALK in front of the Sun National Bank Arena - Look for our signs or call Marianne at 610-733-1248 if you can't find us

Location image of event venue


Ringling Bros. will be back in Trenton in May, and we need to send a very strong message that their animal abuse is NOT welcome here! In addition to protests at every performance, we will be organizing other activities including pre-circus outreach in busy public spaces and email blasts to sponsors. Additional details will be provided, please stay tuned!

Photographs of baby elephants at Ringling Bros. training/breeding center in Florida can be seen here: http://www.ringlingbe... This is your chance to speak for these babies, their mothers, and all the other elephants and animals enslaved by Ringling Bros. primarily for one reason - to make Kenneth Feld, named as one of the 400 richest men in the country according to Forbes magazine - richer.

We will have demonstrations at EVERY show in Trenton - a total of nine. The animals really need you to show up for them. If we don't speak for them, who will?

Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm


--- Where we stand?

We will meet on the public sidewalk parallel to Hamilton Avenue near the main entrance to the Sun National Bank Center.

--- What we do?

We hold signs and pass out leaflets. We have very good access to patrons at this location despite efforts from Ringling Bros and arena employees as well as paid thugs from the Mercer County Sheriff's Department to cage us in "Free Speech Zones." Your presence is extremely important this year to show Ringling and arena owners that despite their bullying tactics, we will not give up and our message of compassion will be heard.

--- Parking?

There is free parking in the residential areas within a few blocks of the arena. Please be careful that there are no "yellow lines" on the curbs. Last year at the request of Ringling Bros. employees, Mercer County Sheriffs ticketed activists' cars.

--- Police Interaction?

Constant harassment from the Mercer County Sheriff's Department, but most of the attention is on activist Marianne Bessey (the sheriffs, who are paid by the arena, actually follow her around). If you stay away from her, you will be fine. :)

--- Bathrooms?

There are no bathrooms in the immediate vicinity, but there is a Taco Bell about two blocks away.

--- Receptivity of the patrons?

Ringling patrons are for the most part nasty and rude.

--- Weather Dependent?

We will have our demonstration rain or shine, snow or sleet. The only way we will cancel is if the show itself is cancelled.