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*FAUN Shame on Namibia: Seal Hunt demo @ the Namibian Mission in NYC*


**Join FAUN ( on Friday, October 11, 2013, as we put pressure on the Namibian Mission and enlighten the public about the seal slaughter in Namibia.**

*FAUN ( Shame on Namibia: Seal Hunt demo @ the Namibian Mission in NYC*


“From the 1st of July, 80,000 Cape Fur seal pups, still dependent on the teat, will be beaten to death with pick handles for their fur pelts. A further 6,000 adult bull seals will be shot at point blank range so that their penises can be used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian markets, thus fueling an illegal trade in animal body parts for fake medicines. For the next 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers and be violently beaten to death. The colony will be rounded up at day break. Pups, bulls and cows will be surrounded and kept away from the safety of the sea. Men with clubs move in and the seals run in fear.

These seals will attempt to run away and can run almost as fast as a man, even over rough terrain. When they are being beaten to death, they take evasive action. Several blows are typically landed before the animal is rendered dead or unconscious. Namibia is also the only country in the world that allows for nursing pups to be slaughtered. It is for these reasons that the Namibian hunt is considered the most brutal of all seal hunts.

The Cape Fur Seal is listed on Appendix 2 ( of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Each year, despite massive international criticism, flawed science, mounting public outcry and warnings from the IUCN, the quota gets increased.”

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WHAT: *FAUN ( Shame on Namibia:Seal Hunt Demo @ the Namibian Mission in NYC*

WHERE: Permanent Mission of the Republic of Namibia to the United Nations
360 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 (btwn E 40th & E 41st Sts)

WHEN: Friday, October 11, 2013

TIME: 2:00 ~ 5:00 pm


This needless sickness has to stop. Please come and help us visibly and vocally demonstrate our adamant opposition to it. These animals are being pushed to the brink of extinction. Please help us let the responsible government know that we’ll vocally oppose them in thought, word and deed, and encourage others to do so, until this horrible travesty is ABOLISHED FOREVER!

**Other actions to take**

1) Send the Namibian Government an email. Provided at the link are a sample letter and a list of people to contact:

2)Boycott Namibian products. Provided at the link is a list of companies and their products that are major contributors to the Namibian Gross Domestic Product. Contact details for these companies are provided.

3) Sign Petitions:

IF there are any questions about this demo or anything else on the FAUN calendar, send an email to [masked]

Animals are sacred. People of true goodwill, character and ethics FIGHT for them!