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***FAUN Pre-Christmas "Abolish Live Markets" demo @ Marziglianos in West NY**


ATTENTION NY/NJ animal activists! This will be our last "Abolish Live Animal Markets" demonstration this year, and indeed, FAUN group's LAST demo of 2o1o! In the seasonal spirit of spreading the love around with the poor, poor degenerate souls in West New York, who confine, murder and butcher our "poultry animal" friends, who salivate so lasciviously over the $$$ they will reap for their bloody heinous acts of sickness, let us make this our greatest and most explosive demonstration ever at Marziglianos! WE will have a HUGE, mounted wide-screen TV (decorated w/ Christmas lights), one of the two widescreens we employed so effectively at Fur Free Friday this year. We will also have our beautiful / shocking signs, relevant literature and our ever-growing assortment of props including a retired battery cage. Please, in the TRUE spirit of 'Peace on Earth' (one that includes and benefits ALL sentient lifeforms) help us to make the insane, pre-Christmas shopping/feeding frenzy a monumental, colorful, POWERFUL statement for animals, millions of whom will suffer unseen/unheard and die so horribly because of human gustatory preferences , and the obscenely self-serving, perverted, short-sighted version of "peace on Earth" most people have been conditioned to comfort themselves with, even as they feast so gleefully upon destroyed families, on fear, torture and killing. Please help to us help those whose Yule season, and the confinement, suffering and death it will bring to them, is nothing close to a "merry" one.

Fight for animal rights!

Join FAUN NJ as, during the season of "love , mercy and forbearance" we turn our energies toward elevating public consciousness, as well as demonstrating OUR love, mercy and forbearance toward the billions of sentient animals (mostly chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys and even goats) who are so cruelly confined, tortured and horrifically killed in the "live markets" which are so pervasive in the urban centers of northern New Jersey and across the United States.

Among all the animal species that humans exploit and kill for profit and for the satisfaction of gustatory preferences, it is common knowledge that chickens are the most widely and systematically confined, tortured and killed. Though it's hard to conceptualize in the modern, mass-production scheme of the industrialized world, chickens were once tree-dwelling wild birds whose natural habitat was limited to certain tropical jungles of southeast Asia.

Sadly, for nothing other than the widely-savored taste of chickens' flesh and eggs, the "poultry" and egg industries have exploded exponentially worldwide, and hideously transformed these docile, gentle, beautiful birds into a big agribusiness enterprise, wherein they are reduced to nothing more than "meat machines" and "egg factories" who live and die exclusively for human convenience and pleasure. Each year in this country, the more than 9 billion chickens grown (not raised) for meat, a.k.a. "broilers," endure the most horribly unnatural conditions one could imagine in filthy, overcrowded confinement sheds, where they are denied all natural light and every other element essential to their fundamental health and well-being. These creatures are genetically manipulated to maximize muscle-tissue (meat) growth, so that their legs are often incapable of supporting their unnaturally increasing bodyweight, resulting in lameness, arthritis and other diseases.

"Broiler" chickens are subjected to an additional array of unthinkable horrors before, a mere 45 days after birth, they are brutally killed and cut to pieces for cold hard profit, and to satisfy the voracious appetites of our species, though an infinite number of healthier, more economical and more ethical alternatives to animal proteins are accessible to all of us in the United States today.

Egg laying hens, a.k.a "layers", have their beaks violently removed by a hot blade with no anesthesia so they don't peck each other to death from the maddening, hellish, filthy, unnatural, obscenely crowded and disease-ridden wire cages they are forced to endure as they produce eggs until they are literally spent from exhaustion, calcium depletion, osteoporosis & other diseases. After one or two years of being continuously exploited as nothing more than "egg factories", "spent" hens are simply destroyed by the most economical means, or sold to be subjected to further abuses and eventually slaughtered.

For more information on the commercial poultry & egg industries' treatment of both "broiler" and "layer" chickens, please check out this very solid catalogue of resources from United Poultry Concerns:

http://www.upc-online... (

and also:

http://www.upc-online... (

What goes on in horrible "live poultry markets" is equally absurd and abominable.

http://www.upc-online... (

Please join up with FAUN for our LAST demo of 2o1o, as, during this Holiday Season, we once again turn our attention to the plight of helpless chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys and goats, who are so cruelly and systematically confined, tortured, killed and sold at "live meat/poultry" markets so pervasive in the northern part of New Jersey and New York City. In these hellish places, where the odors of death, fear and intense confinement are perpetually acrid and inescapable, live birds are stuffed together in cages so tightly that they can't even move. Such cages are stacked from floor to ceiling in these filthy dungeons, so that customers can walk in, select the animal(s) of their choice and even decide how the animal(s) will be killed and butchered, according to their individual preferences.
The hapless, selected animal-victim is removed from the public area into a godforsaken "back room," where he/she is dispassionately killed in a bloody, grotesque, medieval manner (most commonly by severing the jugular vein or decapitation). The broken/mutilated creature is then brought back to the customers post-mortem, defeathered and sliced up in accordance with the customers' fickle palates. Could it get any more disgusting or moribund?

At this pre-Christmas demonstration, as always, WE will be handing out relevant literature and sharing information with passersby, exhibiting a HUGE, mounted widescreen video w/ sound high above passersby,as well as holding relevant signs to visually exhibit the shocking, terrible realities behind this insidious, mostly hidden and shockingly pervasive form of animal cruelty.

WHEN: Thursday, December 23rd, 2o1o.
TIME: From 3 to 7pm
WHERE: Marzigliano's Live Market , 5217 Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ, 07093-5512.
PARKING: For those driving in and unfamiliar with the area, J F Kennedy Blvd is one of the main thoroughfares running through the town of West New York. Take J F Kennedy Blvd to 52nd Street, where you will see a large PC Richards on the corner. Turn onto 52nd Street, and drive down approximately 3/4 of a block, you will pass a long/large brown building. Just beyond this building on your right hand side is a sign "West New York municipal parking" turn right and park. There is PLENTY of parking here, and it is quite close to the demo location. Be advised to bring QUARTERS since the metered parking here accepts only quarters at the rate of .50 (fifty cents) per hour. From the Municipal Parking Lot, it is literally a 50 foot walk to Bergenline Ave. Making a left onto Bergenline Ave, you will see Marzigliano's Live Poultry another 50 feet up the street on the left hand side.
##Note to NYC activists--there is a bus directly from the Port Authority,NYC which drops you off in front of Marzigliano's Live Poultry Market.
NJ Transit bus # 159 toward Fort Lee/Linwood Park.

The meat industry is responsible for a conservative 90% of all the animal cruelty and extirpation on this planet. Fighting against the meat industry, in whatever form, is therefore CENTRAL to winning the animal/earth liberation struggle and making this world a better place for literally billions of our voiceless friends. Please, during this holiday season, come and help us do just that! WE will have the signs, literature and relevant props. All YOU need to bring is yourself and your voice to speak up for those sentient beings who cannot articulate their wish to be free and live their lives according to their own natures, not be confined from birth, systematically tortured and horrifically killed for profit and human pleasure.

Please call [masked], or email [masked] for more information about this event and other events on our calendar. Thanks for all you do for animals and our Gaia Mother .

Blessed Be all animals, and all friends of animals!!!!!

Anthony Botti

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