Past Meetup

Funeral Procession for Whales/Dolphins Killed by Japan (NYC)


On March 24th, 2014, a group of dedicated activists carried out a Funeral Procession, to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC, protesting the slaughter of thousands of whales, porpoises, and dolphins, by Japan.

This event was initially inspired by activists holding a funeral procession in Wellington, New Zealand, to protest the government's inadequate protection measures for Maui's dolphins, of which only about 50 remain in the world. Read more here:

Please join us, on Friday, May 9th, as a Funeral Procession will wind it's way through the streets of New York City. We will gather at the red steps in Times Square, where the procession will work it's way to the Japanese Consulate, located at 299 Park Avenue. The walk itself will be about 30 minutes. We will be handing out fliers, to passersby, with information on Japan's slaughter of dolphins and whales. Once at the Consulate, we will take a moment to honor the souls lost to corporate greed and bogus research....we will then proceed with a demonstration in front of the building.
If possible, please come dressed in funeral attire....dress in black. Please feel free to make a sign to carry. There will be a coffin that will be carried on the procession route.
As we make our way through the streets of NYC, we want to attract as much attention to this issue as we can!

Hosted by Kevin Starboard and Phyllis