Past Meetup

Protest Bird Killing @ Teterboro Airport


I know this is short notice, but we need you! Help bring attention to the Port Authority's policy of wildlife killing - goose gassing among other animal killing (starlings, blackbirds, etc.). Rather than make airplanes safer, change flight patterns, use radar detection, change landscapes, etc., the Port Authority continues to pursue lethal "solutions".

The cages where starlings are trapped for killing, are visible from the street. Please help us bring awareness to the issue and show the press a good turnout for the birds!

Sunday, July 29th
11 - 12:30 - (Before the mid-day sun!)
Teterboro Airport, Teterboro, NJ (Rte 46 East, corner of Fred Wehran Dr.)

Parking Note:

Parking will be on Fred Wehran Dr (corner of Route 46) Teterboro NJ. This is on the east bound side of Route 46 - the same side of the airport. So, you don't have to cross the highway to get to the demo. We will demonstrate on the corner of Fred Wehran Dr. & Route 46 East (1 block after Industrial Ave. - going eastbound).