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**FAUN "Adopt, Don't Shop" demo @ Breeders Association Of America in Brick, NJ**

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In the U.S. alone, about 4 million dogs are bred in high-volume commercial kennels (puppy mills) every year, while nearly 5 million animals are killed in shelters every year. Retail pet stores such as "Breeders Association Of America" in Brick, NJ are emblematic of this problem. They buy animals from sources they won't readily reveal, vaguely hinting that the animals come from a "reputable breeder." We know where these animals come from: high-volume commercial kennels (puppy mills) in the mid-western United States, and we have a volume of USDA records to prove it. The Breeders Association Of America in Brick is n ( an accredited business ( and many horrifying complaints have been lodged against the store. Check out the abymsal consumer reports on Breeders Association Of America from Ripoff Report:

Lorin Kislak, the heartless profiteer behind both Breeders Association Of America AND American Puppy Club (, who has so shamelessly amassed his fortune on the misery/suffering of innumerable puppy-mill dogs over several decades, has in fact done business on numerous occasions with the nefarious puppy millers Allan and Kathy Bauck, ( who were at the center of the storm in a very high profile case of puppy mill abuses, including conviction for ANIMAL TORTURE, including dunking puppies in toxic pesticide baths, secretly/illegally performing VETERINARY SURGERIES, and an additional catalogue of horrors as unbelievable as they are infuriating.

Check out the video exposing the shocking treatment & appalling conditions our canine friends have endured at the hands of Allan and Kathy Bauck, before being sold to enrich heartless, soulless opportunists such as Lorin Kislak, owner of American Puppy Club and Breeders Association Of America:

Allan and Kathy Bauck are INFAMOUS animal-abuse profiteers, ( They are also among the many seedy, soulless puppy-millers that Lorin Kislak/Breeders Association Of America has dealt with.Do you care about shelter animals and the puppies who are victimized by puppy mills and degenerate, vacuous retail outlets like Breeders Association Of America?

Please come out and help FAUN ( in our Adopt, Don't Shop! campaign. Stand with us in our mission to enlighten the public to the reality of today's overpopulated, overwhelmed shelter system, and the intrinsic connectedness of retail pet stores and puppy mills to this burgeoning problem. We will be peacefully demonstrating outside the store on the public right-of-way. Please look for our signs.

WHAT: FAUN "Adopt, Don't Shop!" demo/educational outreach

WHERE: Breeders Association Of America, 588 Route 70 West, Brick NJ, 08723

WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, 2o12

TIME: 12:00pm ~ 4:00pm


Call (732)292-9231 or email

**Additional "hard/fast" info on pet stores/puppy mills**

****More background on the problem of puppy mills****

It is estimated that more than 90% of the puppies supplied to retail pet stores today come from puppy mills. Most of the "reputable breeders" shamelessly advertising themselves and selling their living commodities in newspaper classifieds, on the Internet and, of course, in retail pet stores such as Breeders Association Of America, are also connected to puppy mills. Those unscrupulous people who own and run puppy mills wheel and deal in innocent living beings for one reason alone - PROFIT.

That added to the fact that the upkeep of dozens or even hundreds of animals for later sale is a costly endeavor, means most puppy mills are run on a threadbare budget; all expenses related to animal safety, health, welfare and happiness are minimized, with the express purpose of maximizing profits from the sale of those very same animals.Yes, exactly, it's wholesale exploitation. These animals live in dilapidated sheds, in rows of rusty cages, in filthy barns. Dogs are confined to miserable cages, they rarely have more space to move around than the minimum required by law - six inches more on all sides than the physical size of the dog.

"Breeder" females are impregnated incessantly, and when they are no longer able to have babies (add to the puppy profiteer's wealth) they are considered a liability, discarded, even gassed. Puppy mills. This is the murky, insidious world in which most of our "companion" animals spend the first part of their lives. Horrible though they be, puppy mills are legal and regulated by the federal government and some state governments as well. Government regulations, however, do not ensure a humane life for dogs; they do little more than require food, water and shelter.There are nearly 6,000 federally licensed commercial kennels in the country, and all exist to supply the nation’s pet stores with a constant supply of new puppies.

We can not depend on political, religious or social "leaders" to make the changes that need to be made to this morally bankrupt system which puts a dollar sign on everything that lives and breathes on this planet. It's up to conscientious individuals to stand up for these precious little beings and be their voices,, to share with the public of Brick, NJ and elsewhere what we know about the horrible trade which is the soft white underbelly of retail pet stores, and which so heartlessly commodifies living beings and subjects them to confinement, sickness, disease, all manner of physical and psychological ailments. Our signs, literature and video paint an irrefutable picture of who and what we're fighting for, what we need are compassionate, valiant volunteers like you to come out and help us act as voices for the voiceless.

**For more information on this demo or on the ongoing FAUN ~ Animal ACTivists Of Philly "Adopt, Don't Shop!" campaign. don't hesitate to e-mail FAUN at or Animal ACTivists Of Philly at

Fight for animal rights!

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