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*WAR-AAP-FAUN "Shame On Princeton!" anti-vivisection demo @ Princeton U, NJ*


**WAR ~ AAP ~ FAUN Shame On Princeton!

Anti-Vivisection Demonstration @ Princeton University-

**Join WAR (, AAP ( , FAUN ( and affiliated tri-state regional activists for a Day Of Action in solidarity with Stop Ani ( Exploitation Now (SAEN) ('s ongoing effort to expose/shut down Princeton University's ( horrendous animal testing program - a profit-driven parody of valid empirical science which has routinely resulted in horrible suffering and death for the primates, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and other sentient animals trapped in Princeton's laboratories of torture.

On Saturday, November 10th, the tri-state area Anti-Vivisection Alliance will be paying another visit to one of the Garden State's most heinous sites of wanton animal torture-for-money: Princeton University (, to remind them of our admonition to STOP experimenting on primates, or face a continuous campaign of public exposure, embarrassment and street level education for Princeton faculty, students and locals regarding the animal atrocities routinely occurring due to Princeton "researchers" carelessness and cynical indifference to the precious living beings at their mercy.

As these photos taken inside Princeton University laboratories indicate, the white-coat "researchers" involved in Princeton's animal testing program are little more than a gaggle of calloused , money-hungry vipers to blame for a well-documented, bloodstained history of depravity and ineptitude resulting in unimaginable suffering for primates and other animals trapped in Princeton's hellish "laboratories." The aggressive commitment of Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) to uncovering such horrors has recently shed light on a new wave of morbid atrocities - abominable deviations from Ivy-League Princeton's own research protocols which surpassed even OUR expectations in terms of researchers' incompetence & depraved indifference to the needless suffering that intelligent, sensitive primates endure at their mercy.


Enough is enough! Join Win Animal Rights (WAR), Animal ACTivists Of Philly (AAP), Friends Of Animals United NY/NJ (FAUN), and affiliated anti-vivisection activists as we come together once again to to blow the top off the lucrative perversion , sickness and heartlessness which are the underpinnings of Princeton University's abominable animal "research" program. Come add your voice to a thundering chorus of dissent:


Far left: Princeton University "lab" monkey languishes in a cold steel cage. Near left: the barbaric aftermath of Princeton "researchers" recent study: a bucket full of brains of monkeys who begged for their lives , and whose pleas to live fell on the deaf ears of those whose only preoccupation is money.

Stand united with us and our NJ/NY/PA friends and allies as we deliver to Princeton University and to the world our message of compassion toward all animals, and disgust for money-hungry cretins who torture them in cages, who maim and destroy them on hellish tables of vivisection inside cold, soundproof, nightmare laboratories such as the malignant dungeon for primates known as Green Hall at Princeton University in New Jersey.

***Video Background (Graphic!)***

~Shame On Princeton! Anti-viv demo @ Princeton University {12~4pm}~

WHAT: *WAR-AAP-FAUN Shame On Princeton! Anti-Viv demo @ Princeton University in NJ*

WHERE: Princeton University - vicinity of Green Hell (primate laboratory)

WHEN: Saturday, November 10th, 2o12

TIME: 12 ~ 4pm


public sidewalk @ intersection of Nassau St. & Washington Rd, Princeton,NJ


PARKING/INFO FOR THOSE DRIVING INTO PRINCETON : The following is a color-coded map of designated public parking areas in the vicinity of Princeton University:

*Additional info RE municipal parking near Princeton University:

As indicated on the above link , there is public parking along most thoroughfares around the University, however the town imposes a 2-hour limit on parking (zones indicated by the "blue" lines on the map). There are three municipal parking areas in the vicinity of the intersection of Nassau St & Washington Rd: on Chambers St, Hulfish St and Spring St (all visible on the map). If there are any additional questions about parking, please send an email to [masked].


NYC activists uncertain of how you'll get to Princeton for the demo? The Northeast Corridor line # 7833 leaves NY Penn Station at 10:14 & arrives at Princeton Junction at 11:25. From there, a 5-minute ride on the Princeton Shuttle (#4229) takes you from Princeton Junction station for the University itself. For a ride directly from Princeton Junction to the demo location, travel with another activist and split the cost of a taxi from Princeton Junction to the intersection of Nassau St & Washington Rd, where we will be assembling. Additional inquiry about transportation to Princeton? Call [masked] or email [masked].

a) NOTE TO ACTIVISTS NEEDING A RIDE: We are coordinating an effort to ensure safe passage from to and from Princeton U for everyone attending the Princeton demo. If you are planning on attending, and will not have your own transportation, please call [masked] ASAP and let us know who you are and that you'll need a ride to and/or from Princeton U from where you are. The further in advance you advise us of your location and your intentions, the easier it will be for us to coordinate a ride for you to and from Princeton University.


Related to the above entry, in the event that we have a large number of activists sign on for this, we may need extra cars to pick our compatriots up and drop them off later. If you have space in your car/truck for activists traveling to/from the Princeton demo, and are willing to help out, we will try to coordinate things so that you'd only be charged with transporting people to/from your own geographic area. Again, it's difficult to predict at this juncture if any of this will be necessary, but if you think you're available that day, and don't mind being a standby driver, we thank you in advance for your part in this effort. Please call [masked] and let us know if you'll be able to help with transporting people (and/or demo equipment/gear, etc), as well as how many people you can safely accommodate.


If there are any questions about the WAR / AAP / FAUN Anti-Vivisection Alliance Shame On Princeton! demo or any other events on the WAR / AAP/ FAUN calendars, don't hesitate to send an email:

Win Animal Rights (WAR): [masked]

Animal ACTivists Of Philly (AAP): [masked]

Friends Of Animals United NJ/NY (FAUN): [masked]